cravings and condiment craftiness

Thanks to a childhood full of lunches at McDonald’s and Wendy’s, I cannot eat fried potatoes and ketchup without then craving a chocolate shake. It’s practically Pavlovian. Fortunately, the urge does not overtake me too often. Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s one of those special days.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Afterthought … to the person who took the ketchup squeeze bottle and redesigned it with the opening on the bottom … hats off to you.

Just my fictional way of saying thank you to the responders to my last post …

The antepenultimate day before Christmas was a beautiful day, and I was driving with the window down when suddenly my shopping list defenestrated itself! Quickly, I tried to recall everything on list and confirm that I was covered, but still I had this niggling feeling that I had forgotten someone. Discombobulated, I wandered the mall permeated by that ubiquitious holiday cheer, moiling in my search for the perfect, generically suitable gift and settled on Martha Stewart’s eponymously titled biography. What a Merry Christmas it will be indeed.