Cosmos and Psyche

I’m on an astrology kick lately. I’m not one to usually believe in these sorts of things. But, I have to admit that when, 2 years ago, a friend talked me into getting my natal chart read, I was shocked at how accurate the astrologer’s assessment of me and my life was. (It wasn’t 100% dead on, but was uncannily resonant.) She even said to me some things that, although I had a hard time seeing their relevance, were exactly what friends had been telling me about myself for years.

So, recently, I’ve been reading this book. It’s by a scholar who I highly respect. He, also, was skeptical of astrology. But since he is a cultural historian and recognized that many otherwise intelligent philosophers throughout history have trusted in astrology, he thought he’d look into it and see what the hub bub was all about. He too was taken by surprise at how unusually informative it was. But what’s more, he has taken astrological theory and applied it to world history and, in this book, he lays forth an impressive body of data showing correlations of trends and world events with their archetypal counterparts in the sky.

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A Sufi Manual for Individuation and Beyond

“Your personal nature seeks its paradise.” – (Ibn ‘Arabi, 1981, p. 29)

Ever wish you had a manual for life and how to live it to its fullest? Well, I just found one in a book by Ibn ‘Arabi (12th century philosopher and Sufi shaykh) called “Journey to the Lord of Power: A Sufi Manual on Retreat” and I’m really digging it. It brings things I’ve heard in bits and pieces over and over again in spiritual and mental health circles through the last years together into one cohesive framework. I love that. Of all of the spiritual texts I’ve read, Ibn ‘Arabi’s is refreshingly practical in its teachings. However, he still says all this stuff in a language that might have been sufficient for a 12th century conversation with other mystics but would be frustratingly enigmatic for most folks today. So, what I write here is the interpretation that my Western, 21st century psyche gets out of his words. (BTW, if you aren’t familiar with the Sufi or Islamic use of the word “power”, try not to get bogged down here by the title. It doesn’t imply anyone getting oppressed or “lorded over”. So, just skip that part for now and let’s look at what all is inside the book ….)

Stages of Personal Development

Gamma Waves Gone Wild

I just love the feeling of forming new neural pathways, don’t you? 🙂

Please note that some of this info is lifted directly from the books listed at the end. These notes are for myself (because writing it down helps me learn it). If reading it helps you too, you are welcome to it, but please don’t quote me. Go to the original sources listed below.

Neurobiology for people who want to make sense of it with as little info as possible …

Emotions vs. Feelings

I’ve been puzzling over this for sometime. Maybe you fine, reflective, self-aware people can help me …

Is there difference between feelings and emotions? Are there inner experiences that you would consider to be feelings but not emotions? What about vice versa? Is the idea of semantically separating these two a revolutionary concept to anyone else?

Just to spark your thinking, here‘s some thoughts on the subject, courtesy of .

The Elegant Universe (DVD) and The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene

I’ve been reading The Fabric of the Cosmos and just watched the 3 hour Nova special based on his book The Elegant Universe. Brian Greene provides an entertaining walk through of the history of physics in comprehensible layman’s terms and the quest for the holy grail of physics: a single, unified theory that explains how everything works. Here’s the run down…