Welcome to My World

Found as the opening sentence in an email from one of my superiors today …

“In order to streamline the pockets of high priority issues for [the upcoming product release] ….”

I know the word “streamline”.
I know the idiom “line the pockets”.
But what could it mean to “streamline the pockets”?
I’m trying to put them together. But it sounds dangerous.

Anybody know the word in the English language that means “to mix metaphors”?

Just my fictional way of saying thank you to the responders to my last post …

The antepenultimate day before Christmas was a beautiful day, and I was driving with the window down when suddenly my shopping list defenestrated itself! Quickly, I tried to recall everything on list and confirm that I was covered, but still I had this niggling feeling that I had forgotten someone. Discombobulated, I wandered the mall permeated by that ubiquitious holiday cheer, moiling in my search for the perfect, generically suitable gift and settled on Martha Stewart’s eponymously titled biography. What a Merry Christmas it will be indeed.