You don’t know it but I’m almost famous. Starting tonight, I’m like second or third degree away from famous. Just watch F/X and you’ll see one of my favorite people doing what she is really good at. What you won’t necessarily know by watching is that that very same person doing her thing on the screen is also incredibly insightful, witty, and self-aware, and knows how to put the words ‘good’ and ‘friend’ together in a way that makes a lot of people feel lucky just to have her in their lives.

And that makes me cool by association. I’m as pleased as punch for us both.

Jiggety Jog

I’m safely home again after a wonderful weekend away with old friends. I am feeling so grateful to have those two in my life. We can be out of touch and just pick right back up again where we left off as if we had never been apart. I feel loved and my soul feels fed. And D.C. was just as crazy and gorgeous as always. For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I really do love that city. But thank God I don’t have to live there. Too many drivers there take themselves way too seriously.