More on retrograde

I found some handy info here that some of you astrology buffs might find interesting. Here’s a paraphrase:

Retrograde is not necessarily a period of unpleasantness. It is a slowing down and intensification of whatever sign and house it is in. The house will vary according to your birth chart, I believe. But, for everyone, Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces in the upcoming month. (Maybe you informed readers could say something here about what Pisces means.) Since all backward movement symbolizes a return to source, retrogrades can be rich times in which to attend to our inner perceptions and reconnect with the spiritual source of our thoughts. This introversion can bring about a critical purification process that can help us gain new insights based on prior knowledge.

All this makes me curious about the effects of this in my life. I was born with 4 planets in retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter (which is also currently in retrograde), Uranus, and Pluto.

BTW, if anyone is looking for their birthchart, you can get a graphical version here. You have to know the city where you were born and the date and time. The time is important because the rising sign changes every two hours. And if you guess and get the wrong rising sign, it throws all of your houses off and so you might be interpreting certain archetypal forces to be at work in your relationships when they are really about your job or some such things.

Mercury Retrograde: March 2-25

OK, since I’m trying to learn this stuff and since I was born during Mercury Retrograde, here’re a few tidbits that I’ve cobbled together thus far. Feel free to add to or correct.

Mercury is the planet that is most associated with the mind. It is the archetype of thought, communication, and the ability to make sense of things, articulate them, make them intelligible. (Think of Mercury’s Greek counterpart Hermes from whom the word hermeneutics, the art of interpreting hidden meaning, derives.) Mercury is the muse that gives rise to creative genius or, in times of retrograde, the playful trickster and teacher.

Starting tomorrow through March 25, Mercury is in retrograde. Of course, from an astronomical perspective, that Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky is an optical illusion (kind of like the feeling that you are rolling backwards at a stop light when it’s really that the car next to you is rolling forward). Astrologically, retrograde can be a confusing time of misunderstandings and differing view points. Communication may require a lot more effort and the understandings that are established during this period may turn out to be simply transient.

However, if you were born during Mercury retrograde, this is your time. You are likely one of those people who have always thought about things differently anyway. For you, Mercury energy is generally intensified and tends to flow inward (for example, used for reflection and insight rather focused into outer relationships). You may prefer to learn by absorbtion rather than study. And when Mercury goes into retrograde, you enter a period of potential for increased mental clarity and focus. Enjoy.

If you know whether Mercury was in retrograde or not when you were born, I’ll be curious to hear, come April, how you experienced the last month in terms of thought, articulation, insight, communication, and the like.

Cosmos and Psyche

I’m on an astrology kick lately. I’m not one to usually believe in these sorts of things. But, I have to admit that when, 2 years ago, a friend talked me into getting my natal chart read, I was shocked at how accurate the astrologer’s assessment of me and my life was. (It wasn’t 100% dead on, but was uncannily resonant.) She even said to me some things that, although I had a hard time seeing their relevance, were exactly what friends had been telling me about myself for years.

So, recently, I’ve been reading this book. It’s by a scholar who I highly respect. He, also, was skeptical of astrology. But since he is a cultural historian and recognized that many otherwise intelligent philosophers throughout history have trusted in astrology, he thought he’d look into it and see what the hub bub was all about. He too was taken by surprise at how unusually informative it was. But what’s more, he has taken astrological theory and applied it to world history and, in this book, he lays forth an impressive body of data showing correlations of trends and world events with their archetypal counterparts in the sky.

Take this simple example … Continue reading