With this couch, I thee …

Well, we have passed the first major cohabiting hurdle: the purchase of a couch. Two, in fact.

I wanted to keep my enormous and comfy sectional pieces, but she didn’t like them. (And, I must admit, they would have completely dominated the small apartment and blocked the fabulous views.) But I found her "couch" about as comfortable as hay bale. What to do? Buy something new!

You wouldn’t think this would be hard because we pretty much have the same tastes. But, no. Oh, no. Our priorities are totally different. As wizrad  knows, the perfect couch does not exist. You gotta compromise on something. For my little architect, aesthetics are everything. If there is any compromising to be done, it’s in the function. As an engineer, I’m more of a pragmatist. If the couch doesn’t serve the intended purpose, then why bother forking out that kind of dough?

So, although we found many beautiful couches that would look good in somebody‘s home, we couldn’t agree about what to settle on for our unique space. By Sunday night, this holy grail of a quest degraded into me feeling like she wasn’t taking my needs into account (which I, of course, had been completely clear and calmly articulate about 🙂 and her (I’m guessing) feeling like I wasn’t taking her needs into account (which, to me, kept getting more and more mysterious with every piece she dismissed).

Monday morning, still a bit restless, I got up early and taped off imaginary couches to see what I could live with in what would be my little pasha palace/TV/reading corner. And she woke up later, better rested, and generously complimented me on my patience and flexibility. And we reached a conclusion.

The winners:

Living room couch (from which you sit and admire the views):

TV and reading corner (picture this in a bone color and without the piece on the left, more or less):


7 thoughts on “With this couch, I thee …

    • Well, since January, I’ve pretty much spent all my time at her house. But, after the August Toronto trip, we decided to go ahead and actually add in some closet space for me and make it official. That means I’m doing a much needed downsizing. Once I’ve purged and we’ve merged, I’m planning on renting my place out.

  1. I like those couches quite a bit!
    Can you drop me a line at liamaria at me dot com with your current contact info, including your email address?

    I agree with lightning rose: you can have both. It’s just more work.


  2. Aaaaaaah I dunno. I’d have to see the rest of your furniture, the paint, your wardrobes…
    Kidding about the wardrobes, mostly.
    The orange couch is pretty much what I’ve been stewing over for our living room. My couch looks awesome but is about as comfortable as a quarter rattling around in your jogging shoe. It invites you to stand back up immediately. Let me know how you like it so we can be twins if it works out.

    • We’ve already sat on them in the showroom. They are firm-ish but don’t make you feel like you are sitting in a lawyer’s waiting room. They are very affordable (in couch dollars) but the trade-off is that aren’t, say, Room & Board quality. The bottom cushions are sewn down to the frame (so can’t be removed for fluffing and cleaning), and the firmness sags a bit in the middle. But, for about half of what we would have paid at R&B, that’s acceptable.

      It’ll be 6 weeks before ours arrive. So, I’ll have to get back to you on the ease of cleaning of spills and removing cat hair.

      • They are firm-ish but don’t make you feel like you are sitting in a lawyer’s waiting room.

        Shit. My lawyer’s waiting room is pretty stellar. What about an accounting firm’s waiting room?
        My MIL peed all over the couch a few weeks ago. If that happened on this prospective couch, I’d just have to drag it into the street and set it on fire.

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