OK, peeps, I have a relationship problem and I need your help.

My girlfriend and I are moving in together. She is exceptionally clean and neat. And while I’m no Pigpen, I’ve lived all of my life with pets and always will and just accept that pet hair is a fact of life. (Love me, love my pet hair-covered wardrobe.)

Although my cat at least matches the floor colors, Habiba hates just knowing that the hair is there. With my back problems, I can’t keep up with her demands for vacuuming every day. And she is exhausting herself trying to do it all. Exhausted girlfriend –> surly girlfriend –> unhappy Pif.

Frankly, we are both sick of talking about it. Then she was musing last night that we need a robot. And then I remembered the Roomba!

Could it be that our relationship could be saved simply by a piece of machinery?

Please weigh in. Do any of you out there own a Roomba? Do you love it, hate it, name it, curse it?

If nothing else, I’m thinking it could at least keep my cat company during the day.

Your suggestions are sorely needed.

10 thoughts on “Roomba

  1. I have one of those little bastards and I hate it. We set it to clean the main floor of our house at 3am every night (so no one would be disturbed by it) but it’s loud and we’d usually wake up to discover that it had gotten trapped under a piece of furniture or in a corner right after starting, or cleaned one tiny area of the room until its battery died. And by “clean” I mean that it intimidated the dust bunnies.

  2. First, congrats on moving in together! I hope it is the beginning of a whole new level of wonderful for both of you.

    Second, though Roomba MAY be something of a solution (I just sooo love the thought of robotic housekeeping), I’d say that a better solution may be therapy. Now maybe you can talk your cat into not shedding any hair- *wink* -but I’m guessing you might get further with a long deep conversation about what makes Habiba so distraught over a bit of cat-hair and what level of perfectly clean she really needs.

    Oh, another thought might be something like an electro-static mop-broom thingo. They are good at collecting hair off hardwood flooring, are much less effort and strain than a vacuum, and are super quick to use.

    Good luck!

  3. I didn’t use the scheduler; I had a cheaper version, and I loved it! I think roomba should be supervised, because it can get stuck on things if you don’t keep half an ear out for it while it’s doing it’s sweet clean-y thing.

    I would tell it to go, and it would go. In tight spaces I would use the remote to guide it.

    I was recuperating from the broken ankle/pulmonary embolism at the time, and it saved my bacon, what with 2 black cats and a beige carpet.

    I miss Roomba. I left it with Chad when we split up. Someday I might get another one. 🙂

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