Resting Place

In October, Habiba and I did the rounds of Boulder art studios during their “Open Studios” weekends. I found a potter whose work I liked. One of my favorite pieces was a blue, salt-fired jar, with a totem of movable ceramic fishes on a pole that came up from the lid. But I couldn’t figure out where I would put it in the house where I could enjoy it, and I can’t justify purchasing something that I wouldn’t have some sort of relationship with.

But, last week, I had the idea to see if she’ll make me an urn for Doo’s ashes–one like her fish jar but with a little floppy-eared, brown dog on top. She said yes! She even asked for pictures of Doo so that she could try to make the dog look as much like him as possible. I’m going over to her studio tomorrow to talk about a style and shape and I’d like.


2 thoughts on “Resting Place

  1. That sounds absolutely beautiful. I put the ashes of my college bunny rabbit, Morrisson, in a beautiful wooden box that just spoke to me, and I really feel peace and comfort knowing she’s there, and in something that was made with love.

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