And she’s back!

I hadn’t known back in the spring that I would be taking an LJ hiatus along with my work hiatus. But, seeing as how I was on-line a lot less and otherwise fairly goal driven (thesis), it just worked out that way. But I’m back. Back in Boulder. Back at work. Picking up the threads of my old life, deciding which to keep and which to toss.

The summer, in short, was wonderful. I am here to say that I would have absolutely NO problem not working, if I ever found myself independently wealthy. The work break was much needed. I’m now back at my old company, but doing a new job. (Same skills, different team–one where I feel appreciated and my personality seems to be a much better fit.) So far, I’m actually happy to be back. So that bodes well.

Thesis is finally finished. I had NO idea it would take that long. After I finished it June and integrated my editor’s changes, I still had to do a fairly significant overhaul after my advisor got a hold of it. I was a bit unnerved at first, but her suggestions made it overall a better document. And the research co-ordinator for my program has declared mine “a superlative thesis” and said that he has never seen one with such an extensive reference list. So, I’m pleased. The bound copies sit, right now, at the printer’s, waiting for me to pick them up and send them on to the school where they can take up residence in the hallowed halls of dusty theses and dissertations.

Needless to say, I didn’t get half of the pleasure reading done that I had hoped for the summer. But I LOVED living in Salida and made some good friends (and drank more beer than I had in the last year altogether). I’ve been mostly hating being back in Boulder. After living in a one stop light town where I never had to lock my door or my bike and everyone kindly waves each other on at stop signs, I’ve been really struck by just how much energy it takes to simply go grocery shopping in a city the size and density of Boulder. Wow. Just wow. It is so easy to get pulled into the flow, fighting for space on the road or in the line, and thinking that because there is lots to do, one must do lots and lots. Right now, I can barely handle navigating town on my bicycle without getting run over.

Doo Dog is still hanging in there. If anything, he is a bit brighter and less neurotic than when I last posted about him in the Spring. So, I just keep enjoying him while he is around.

So, what all have I missed in your lives in the last 3 months? Please posts highlights or URLs so that I can go back and catch up on critical journal entries. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “And she’s back!

  1. Yay, congrats on finishing the thesis and being in a new job at the old place. I’m glad to hear you feel appreciated in your current position.

    Let’s see, highlights:

    — I’ve been divorced as of mid-July. and I remain good friends and see each socially once in awhile.

    — I have been dating a wonderful guy, , for about 4 months, now. He rocks.

    — I’m catching a fever. The kind of fever that says “Autumn will be here soon; buy more yarn and make things.” πŸ™‚ I’m going to try to re-learn some knitting & crochet skills and improve on them.

    — Life is good, I’m happy. And I’m very happy you’re back. πŸ™‚

    • Hey, girl! Great to “see” you again. Congrats on the divorce and on the new guy. Sounds like this is the same one that you had just started seeing back in May. I remember thinking that it sounded like he has a good head on his shoulders. I can feel autumn in the air here too and I’m loving it. I can’t wait for crisp, cool air and fires in the fireplace.

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