Update from Salida

Quick update from the boonies …

My thesis is still dragging on. My advisor had some significant edits. It’s frustrating to not have this done by now, but the changes will make it better. Unfortunately, the edits require access to libraries that I don’t have access to here in Salida (3 1/2 hours away from urban Colorado). Apparently, the former governor of our state cut library funding so significantly that the people who do interlibrary loan can only work part-time with still the same demand. I’ve been waiting over two weeks for some books. Still, I technically have until September to get the thesis finished finished. So, it’ll be what it will be.

In the meantime, I’m loving my second home and wishing I could live here full time. I’ve made lots of friends, and have fallen in love with small town life. I’m going to cry big crocodile tears when I have to return to the scorchingly hot Front Range next weekend.

One of the endearing quirks about rural life is how everything slows down simply because your options are limited. For example, some yahoo decided to use the local cell phone tower for target practice and then we had some fantastic thunderstorms. So, now anyone using AllTell or Cingular has NO reception.

So, if you are trying to call me, it’d be faster to send a carrier pigeon. Or try email. Or post here.

Love to you all. Now, back to my hidey hole. See you in August. *Mwah*!