Checking in …

10 days and my sabbatical couldn’t be going better. The weather is perfect. Flowers are in bloom everywhere. I spent the first week not frozen in the same fixed programming position hour after hour and instead sleeping in, catching up errands I’ve been meaning to do for the last year (like sewing and house stuff), having fun, reading lots of books (YOU MUST CHECK OUT “Eat Pray Love”), and not worrying about a thing. And wouldntcha know it, people have started commenting on how relaxed I look. Even my physical therapy massage therapist said that my body is already bouncing back. I went tango dancing on concrete on Sunday and had no pain afterwards. It’s like a miracle.

Doo Dog has mellowed too. He walks around with his little ears perked up more. Very little dementia or panic lately. In fact, I’ve started weening him off his expensive anti-dementia pills and, if anything, he is doing better than before. And he turned 17 years old on Monday! He got little toddler-sized tie-dyed T-shirts for his birthday. Lest you think me off my rocker, he actually has some “old dog” sores on his body and the t-shirts are by order of vet (to keep his wounds clean and breathing while they heal). He seems to like the shirts a lot–I imagine that they make him feel more secure. So, we may keep them. I grew out of dressing up my pets at around age 10, but I have to say, in his little t-shirts and the Lion King Huggies that he wears for incontinence, he looks pretty damned cute.

In other news, I’m deep into my thesis. Although it’s frustrating to me that it has taken so long to finish, every time I’ve dropped it and picked it up again, I’ve come back with better writing skills and ideas that make the whole thing more cohesive and sound. This is going to be a piece of work I’m proud of–which is saying a lot considering what a perfectionist I can be.

What a blessing this time off is.

P.S. Since I’m in thesis mode, I’m more or less in voluntary seclusion to let my sehnsucht cook my ideas. I’m behind in reading and commenting on your journals but I’ll be back. If anyone wants me to chat with me sooner, feel free to drop a note or give a ring. I do take spontaneous breaks.


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