Summer Home!

I’ve just rented a cottage in downtown Salida for the month of July! For those that don’t know this little gem of the Rockies, it sits in Colorado’s “Banana Belt”, a large valley, ringed by natural hot springs and 14,000 foot mountains. It gets about 350 sunny days a year and summertime temps hang in the 70’s. The Arkansas River flows right through it, making it a mecca for whitewater rafters and nature lovers. Entertainment includes hanging out on the deck of Bongo Billy’s coffee house watching kayakers capsize. Christo and Jeanne-Claude are doing their next project there. The town ranked in the top 100 small art towns in the US for all of its little galleries and local artists.

I especially cherish it because whenever I hit the north end of the county, I’m washed in unexpected awe. There’s just something about the way the mountains are arranged there, just far enough apart to create a liberating feeling of emptiness and just close enough for me to feel hugged within their magnetism.

I imagine moving there someday. (But I’m not ready to be single AND live in a small, rural town just yet.) And since I’ve got the time but not the freedom to travel far, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to gradually start putting down some roots there. My pooch and cat will come with, and I’ll have high speed internet so that I can continuously make you jealous of my wonderful retreat and daily trips to the hot springs. šŸ™‚ Plus, the place belongs to a professional nature writer who is vacating for a couple months, so the energy, I’m sure, will be conducive to lots of reflection and appreciation of beauty and, of course, blogging!


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