Plumbing and various other sundries

It’s a beautiful spring day here. Big, puffy Magritte clouds lolly gagging about in a pure blue sky. I’m truly enjoying the weather (without forgetting the disturbing fact that March is usually the snowiest month and we’ve had hardly any and it is about a month too early to be getting this kind of weather).

Today is the last day of antibiotics (from the tooth abscess), and thank *God*. They screwed with my intestines something awful. Let’s just put it this way: by way of metaphor, my kitchen sink hose decided to start leaking this weekend and is dripping water down into the base cabinet. It’s fitting that I’ll be repairing both my internal and external plumbing problems today.

My housemate is back from her debilitating spring break visit to her thoroughly clueless, highly critical, insensitive, alcoholic father. Her kitty and I missed her. It’s good to have her spirit enlivening the house again.

Doo Dog had a bit of a rough weekend. His moods and mine often seem to reflect each other. I was not very Zen this weekend, focused on tasks, rambling about, and squeezing a lot in. And Doo paced, pooped on the floor, jumped at the slightest touch, and had a rough time settling down to sleep at night. I even had to cage him one night. We both hate it when we have to sleep separate. But we’d both hate it more if I was in a foul mood the next day from lack of sleep.

I’ve got a new look on my website ( It’s not quite done yet. I have lots of links and slideshows and what not to add. But the basic look and feel is there. If you go to visit and the front page has a brown theme, click on “home” and you should see the real site. I haven’t figured out that little bug yet.


3 thoughts on “Plumbing and various other sundries

  1. PRETTY!

    I haven’t finished exploring your site, but I was just in your “giftshop” and saw your Red Tent listing. I had to come back to tell you I LOVE that book!

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