Root Canal

Every morning, I spend a little time thinking through my day. If I don’t take a few minutes to make a list of what I’m to do that day, things just end up in that zone where all of my missing, unpaired socks must have gone.

I didn’t visualize getting a root canal this morning, but I got one nonetheless.

When I was a kid, I fell off my bike and landed on my face. I chipped one of my front teeth. Thirty years later, the nerve in it has finally died, shriveled up, and started to decay, causing an infection in my jaw. Over the weekend, I was getting this deep pain when I drank hot liquids. So, I called the dentist this morning (thinking maybe I had just brushed too hard and exposed a nerve or something simple like that) and–voila–I’ve now got a fat lip and I’m drooling. Fortunately, that tooth was already capped, so at least that part was made simple. Thank the gods for novacaine, nitrous oxide, modern dentistry, and health insurance.

Anyway, I’m going to suck on my chocolate chip cookie now.


9 thoughts on “Root Canal

    • Actually, it only took about an hour. The headache afterwards lasted longer. I was a bit sore yesterday at the root of my tooth, but I’m almost back to apple-biting shape now.

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