This just in: John Edwards’ wife’s cancer is back and he is making his presidential bid, at least temporarily, a second priority. I’ve got compassion for them and disappointment for us.

Hard to imagine the public being comfortable with his attention being divided. I’m not. Not that he can’t be a president with an ailing wife, but what does that say about his wife then? But they say that all publicity is good publicity. If our Luke Skywalker goes so early in the game, I’ll miss more than his pretty face. He could push us further on domestic issues than we’ve gone in a long time. And, dammit, we need a clean environment, accountable corporations, universal health care, and a livable wages for all.

Anybody who thinks a country grows best by getting rich first and then getting healthy later should watch this video.


7 thoughts on “Damn

  1. I listened to their press conference via NPR this morning, and they said they were still in the race, cancer and all. They were very clear about that. Yes, she has cancer, but no, that won’t affect their campaign.

    That was just an hour and a half ago.


    • Yup – huffingtonpost quotes him saying he’s still in.

      I’m still keeping my fingers triple-crossed for a late announcement of a Gore-Edwards ticket.

    • I’m glad for us that they are going to stay in. But her cancer is incurable and at best can be managed. That sounds kind of distracting, especially with two young kids.

      So, I don’t know how long he can go without his campaign being dominated by constant questions about the appropriateness or quality of leadership.

  2. for all we know, it’s her wish that he continues and if elected makes some sweeping changes. Rather than her cancer being a distraction, it might be a very strong motivator to be the best leader he can be. Just a thought.

    • Yes, she seems very supportive and feels that the country needs him as president and that is what’s most important. I’m just unsuccessfully trying to imagine the country not being distracted or feeling uncomfortably vulnerable with that on the table.

      My thing is that, personally, if I’m going to vote for another white, male candidate, I’d feel a bit defeated doing my part to endorse and perpetuate the image that success requires a man who puts ambition above his family and a woman who sacrifices herself for another’s cause. I’m referring not about Edwards, in particular (because I can’t speak to the weight of his ambition over his sense of service), just the power of the symbols here, especially given that we’ve got other, more progressive symbols viable for the first time in history. It feels like the old barriers might just easily crumble and, if Edwards sails in to the White House, I’d like it to be on the winds of change for the next generation of minorities.

      • The thing is we have no clue as outsiders about their relationship. And whether he is putting his ambition above his family etc. Yes that is/has been the archetypal meme of the male dominated society of recent years. But why even put energy into that thought. Vote for the person that you think will actually be able to get in and do some change. Not vote based on symbology. That’s my thought. I guess I’m a bit of a pragmatist. I suppose also I’m too bitter and jaded to actually think that anyone who actually gets into office will do any positive changing. Anyhoo.. I feel like I’m rambling.

      • I agree that pragmatism comes first. I’m not about to vote in a left-handed pretzel bender, for example, just because left-handed pretzel benders have suffered discrimination or been hampered by glass ceilings in the past.

        However, symbols in themselves have the power to change. And if I have a choice between two or more qualified people who I feel can get elected and will do some change and can unite the country around hope and shared values, I’ll be swayed by the potential positive effect it will have on the generations to come to see a face of color or a female face in power. That change of cast has to happen some time, and if that time is here, then bring on the new era.

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