Just another day in Existentialia

I seem to be melancholy today for no particular reason. Doo Dog is more alert and less confused, owing to the change in his thyroid meds. My cat loves playing with his new kitty housemate and I have such fun watching them. The sun has been out for days, letting me ride my bike to work again. Friends have been calling, reconnecting, giving me flowers. Friday was a banner day: a friend phoned needing someone to talk to and I felt like I was able to really be of service by letting something happen through me (rather than from me). (I live for those moments.) And, Sunday, after years of not having a meditation group, I found one that I think will really suit me. Yet, today, I feel dumpy and permeated with a complex sense of loss.

Some days you are Maude. Some days you are Harold.


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