“Losing love is like a window to your heart”

Many thanks to you, dear friends, for your loving support of me and Doo. I haven’t been able to write back to you individually because it’s just too emotional and my body and soul can only handle so much crying per day. But know that you’ve made a difference in helping me be at peace with whatever comes of this latest chapter.

I’ve been looking at Doo through new eyes in the last few days, noticing how much work life is for him. He has been pretty darned tired these last few days, waking up for meals, but hesitant to take walks, and practically falling asleep on his feet when he’s not moving. I’m bending the rules and letting him sleep under the covers with me or near my head all night. P’Sheesh the cat has been joining us, wrapping his long body around my head and reaching out and resting a paw on Doo, or just draping himself bodily over Doo, and purring. It’s comforting.

I’ve also been having chats with Doo Dog, letting him know that even though I’ll be sad, I’ll be OK when he goes and that what would make me most happy is that he is at peace. Fortunately, I’ve got time to prepare my heart to host a big hole for some time to come.

In the spirit of the time, my folks sent me this quote from Anatole France:

Until one has loved an animal, part of their souls remains unawakened.

I’ll keep you posted as the process moves along.


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