I know I’ve got some family and friends out there, reading the public face of my blog, that are waiting for me to post big news. It’s coming. I’ve fed the Play Dough into the machine and pushed the button. Gears are turning. I just don’t know what’ll pop out of the chute yet. So, suffer (or just call me). πŸ™‚

In other news, it should have been completely obvious to me that the protagonist’s girl was gonna have to get offed so that our Hero could make his final metamorphosis into the edgy ass-kicker we’ve been waiting for. I mean, it’s the oldest plot device in the book. So, I’ll just chalk it to the show’s superb ability to reel me in and string me willingly and blindly along that I didn’t even care about predicting this or analyzing it.

My only whine for this week: I sure wish the new hero didn’t have to bite it so quickly. The show could use a crone character with that hard-earned, hurts-so-good insight and tough-love wisdom that I admire. I’m starting to weary of all of the adolescents running around in big people’s clothes, being self-centered (for evil or good). Something’s gotta give. I’m ready for some truth telling.


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  1. not sure if my comment will spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the episode.. so reader beware

    So,.. who exactly is the new ‘hero’? Nate Petrelli? The tracking girl? I don’t think Petrelli is going to bite it soon. I think what future boy didn’t see was the training. And, as we all know, (from watching ST:TNG and every related Star Trek series) The future is not set in stone. I’ll just call this the Picard Paradox of Theatrical plots. Anyhoo.. how awesome was it that Stan Lee had a cameo. πŸ™‚

    • Re: not sure if my comment will spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the episode.. so reader be

      Yeah, that was great to see Stan Lee in the credits.

      The new hero that I was referring to was the bionic hearing woman. I really liked her (for all of the 3 minutes that I knew her). And I think they must have cut some dialog from the previews because I seem to recall her having a few insightful choice words for Sylar upon first meeting him (besides noticing that his heart was racing).

      I hope Nathan doesn’t bite it. But he’s on Nikki’s hit list. And so he’s going to have to have a come-to-Jesus moment sooner or later and decide which side he’s on.

    • Re: not sure if my comment will spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the episode.. so reader be

      And you’re right about the Picard Paradox. It’s already starting to show in Peter’s premonitory dream of exploding. In it, Simone is there being pulled back by Isaac. But Simone just bit the dust, so ….

      • My theory about Simone..

        Is that she isn’t going to die, because Nate will use his new found ability of recalling hero skills to apply the re-healing ability outside of his body and onto Simone. Nate is the Hero to Sylars Villain. Just like Superman has his opposite. (Bizarro Superman, for those who aren’t as geeky as I).

        Ah, as for super hearing chick, I didn’t really consider her a hero. It was clear that she was only there as a foil for Sylar to do his killing, and for Mohinder to figure out who he’s traveling with. Then again, she may be a posthumous hero in that her super hearing may be sylar’s downfall. It’s not something that can be turned off.

      • Re: My theory about Simone..

        Nate is the conniving older brother (and the one that Niki has been hired to off). Peter is the one who has the ability to absorb and recall other’s skills. I hadn’t considered that Peter could heal Simone. I suppose anything is possible. But I think she needs to die in order for Peter to have nothing more to lose and go all Crow and kick some ass.

        Yeah, super-hearing woman didn’t last long enough to really be a hero. But I really liked her character and the actress just nailed the role. I would have liked to have seen more of her.

      • Oops.. you’re right..

        It is Peter not Nate.
        And, yes, she really did nail the role.
        My only grip is that the episodes are too short. And, they don’t come often enough. hahah.
        I wouldn’t mind a 3 hour solid episode. there is plenty of story in the franchise that’s for sure. X-men really sort of died for me with the blockbuster movies. 😦 They killed Batman in the late 80’s . Batman begins was a good stab at bringing him back , and I’d like to see more from that director. Superman was never that good in the movies. Not really even this recent version. Although Kevin Cline made a good Lex Luthor. I was really hoping they’d tie it into the Smallville story arch.. but of course they didn’t. Anyhoo, Heroes is good. I’m glad they aren’t cancelling it like they did to ‘surface’ which I totally got sucked into, and finally found it’s footing right when they killed it.

        Oh and since I’m rambling on and on about geeky things, I finally started watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m not sure where I’ve tuned in. (Started the DVR recording off of the new Universal HD channel comcast suddenly made appear about a month ago) It’s really really good. Much better than I anticipated.

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