I lurv my bank.

I have been initiated into the club of those violated by credit card fraud. Fortunately, my credit card company caught it within two hours. Turns out that they can tell the difference between transactions that are on-line sales and those that are swiped cards. That’s how they caught it. I made a swiped transaction in Colorado at lunch today, and then somebody swiped a duplicate of my card to spend $700 at a drugstore in NY a few hours later.

Me lovey my bank. In fact, they are so with-it that they detected that customer credit card numbers had been stolen from a large merchant recently and so they had just sent me a new card in the mail.


3 thoughts on “I lurv my bank.

    • Elevation Credit Union. When I went in this morning to sign the insurance papers (which they filled out for me, btw), I discovered that they also have a Health Savings Account debit card to pay for out of pocket medical stuff and make it easy to report those costs as non-taxable money to the IRS. Very schweet.

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