I know I’ve got some family and friends out there, reading the public face of my blog, that are waiting for me to post big news. It’s coming. I’ve fed the Play Dough into the machine and pushed the button. Gears are turning. I just don’t know what’ll pop out of the chute yet. So, suffer (or just call me). 🙂

In other news, it should have been completely obvious to me that the protagonist’s girl was gonna have to get offed so that our Hero could make his final metamorphosis into the edgy ass-kicker we’ve been waiting for. I mean, it’s the oldest plot device in the book. So, I’ll just chalk it to the show’s superb ability to reel me in and string me willingly and blindly along that I didn’t even care about predicting this or analyzing it.

My only whine for this week: I sure wish the new hero didn’t have to bite it so quickly. The show could use a crone character with that hard-earned, hurts-so-good insight and tough-love wisdom that I admire. I’m starting to weary of all of the adolescents running around in big people’s clothes, being self-centered (for evil or good). Something’s gotta give. I’m ready for some truth telling.


I’m not much of a poet. But weather like last night’s makes me want to at least try.

The Chinook winds marched into town last night,
Banging pots and pans and shouting 
Slogans of change. 

They rattled the windows of the courthouse and
Swung from the trees in Central Park, while the neighbors
Huddled inside, waiting for the 
Revolution to begin.

Around 5 A.M., the weary watchers slept. And,
When they awoke, the streets had been 
Swept clean, the dirty snow
Hauled away. And the grey sun said, 
"Now, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."

I’m definitely going to need a nap today.

I lurv my bank.

I have been initiated into the club of those violated by credit card fraud. Fortunately, my credit card company caught it within two hours. Turns out that they can tell the difference between transactions that are on-line sales and those that are swiped cards. That’s how they caught it. I made a swiped transaction in Colorado at lunch today, and then somebody swiped a duplicate of my card to spend $700 at a drugstore in NY a few hours later.

Me lovey my bank. In fact, they are so with-it that they detected that customer credit card numbers had been stolen from a large merchant recently and so they had just sent me a new card in the mail.

I just called to say I love you.

OK, now understand: I’m not complaining that I didn’t get more Valentine’s wishes this year. But I expected that, if I would get anything, I’d get something a little, um, more tawdry than this company email:

Your Valentine from Global Business Intelligence and Corporate Finance: On Feb. 14, our Global Business Intelligence team and Corporate Finance jointly rolled out “Posted Revenue Analytical Mart”. PRAM provides a wide range of options for slicing and dicing revenue data, all delivered in an easy-to-use format through Business Objects. You’ll love it for transaction analysis, especially if you’re in the sales, marketing, product or operations organizations.

Makes me all soft and squishy inside just thinking about it.