Hangin’ Out

Lookeee what I got myself for my birthday. It’s an anti-gravity, upside-down table switcheroo thingy. You lock your ankles in the ratchet at the bottom and then flip over backwards and just hang out. It feels oh so good.

I’ve been using the one at my physical therapist’s office whenever I go in and it gives me a good stretch in my viscera beyond what I can accomplish on my own. (And, at this point, that’s an excellent thing because we’ve determined that the reason my back doesn’t stay stably aligned is because a lot of my organs are sticking together and pulling on each other in funny ways and pulling on my lower back as a result.)

The “table” should arrive within 2 weeks. I’ll post some upside pics.

I completely forgot to mention …

I have a new/old housemate! My dear friend who has been away in Chile for the last 6 months got back into town around Xmas. She had a hard time finding a place to live since most everyone was away on vacation, but eventually landed a room in a house with an agreement that it was quiet and cat-friendly. She was at the new place all of 4 1/2 days before it became apparent that the woman from whom she was renting her room thought that parties until 4 AM constituted “quiet” and oh-by-the-way the third bedroom is going to be occupied by a guy with a big dog. My friend tried to be reasonable and communicate with her about it, but it was just not the kind of low-stress, low-distraction scene my friend needed.

So, she called me on Sunday the 14th and moved in on Monday. She and I have lived together a couple of times before, and we are very compatible, both needing lots quiet, alone time but loving having someone to come home to and share the review of the day with. She laughs a lot and having her around lifts my spirits and makes me laugh more too.

At the moment, she’s living in the guest bedroom in the basement. Which isn’t ideal for either of us, since I usually spend a lot of time down in the adjoining rec room but I don’t feel comfortable going down there and making noise while she is sleeping. (And since she is a student, she has quite different sleeping hours than me.) Plus, it’s not great for her because, frankly, who wants to live in a basement where there’s hardly any natural light?

So, the plan is to move my monstrous grand piano over to ‘s house (since he has played it more than I have in the last few years anyway) and she’ll take over the upstairs studio as her bedroom. The only potential gotcha is that she has a kitty and, last year, my cat, P’Sheesh, had some bloodwork done that showed that he is a potential carrier for the corona virus which can develop into a nasty disease. So, we’re keeping our cats separate until I can get P’Sheesh checked out to make sure he’s healthy–he seems to be–and his virus titers haven’t developed.

I’m just thrilled to have my friend there. She’s easy to live with and communicate with, we have known each other over 10 years and just intuitively understand each other, and it’s really nice to come home and feel her presence in the house even if we aren’t in the same room. It just makes me feel a lot more grounded, loved, and, well, like a nicer person.

Ouch dammit Ouch dammit Ouch dammit Ouch dammit

  Microsuede-covered chair with metal lever on arm
+ Suede pants
+ Dry winter air
  Electric chair

Everytime, I get up or sit down, I get the jolt of my life. I swear I’m being trained like a lab rat. Not sure if the lesson is that I’m not supposed to get up from my desk or I should avoid going back at all costs.

In case you were wondering …

In case you were wondering why I’m incommunicado: I’m writing my thesis. I haven’t read anyone’s posts. I’m surviving on Christmas dinner leftovers and chips and salsa. Hell, I’ve pretty much lost track of what day it is. Laundry is piling up. I did manage to get my legs waxed. (Priorities, you know.)

I have to go back to work soon. But, in the meantime, it’s heads down.

Back probably next week. Happy new year, everyone.