Woo hoo! I love this weather. There’s nothing like a helluva snow storm to make everything seem perfect and pure, as long as you don’t have to drive anywhere. šŸ˜‰ I saw the predictions last night on the news and hopped into my car and drove over to work and picked up my laptop. And–damn–am I glad I did. It has been coming down hard and fast since about 5 AM. Highways are completely closed from Denver to Nebraska, Denver to Kansas, and Denver to New Mexico. The airport is closed and 2000-3000 people are stranded (can’t fly out and can’t drive out). The governor has called in the state patrol to rescue stranded drivers. (Live storm report can be found here.)

The snow was so high that my poor old dog couldn’t even get out the door for a proper constitutional and elimination round. So, I shoveled him a walk. And put him in his booties so his paws wouldn’t ice up and in his fleece jacket to keep him warm and dry (he is such a wimp about the cold), and off we went.

Doo, don’t say I never did anything for you.


16 thoughts on “Blizzard!

    • I’ll tell Doo you said so. šŸ˜‰ Yeah, I’d find it a sacrifice to live somewhere that I didn’t get to enjoy this every so often. Last big storm that we had like this was Spring of 2003. The neighbors a few doors down had a big party and made a 2-story tall snowman! Once the bottom got taller than themselves, they started filling up coolers with snow and running upstairs and dumping it off the balcony. The result was great!

  1. Doo is a doll!
    I’m in Vail now, and we’re supposed to head back to California tomorrow. Thank goodness we’re driving (and we’re west of Denver). I hear no flights out of DIA until *Sunday*!

    • Vail! I hope you got some schweet powder. Usually the mountains get pounded and we get a dusting. But looks like it’s the other way around this time.

      There’s another, smaller storm coming, this one from the Pacific NW, that should hit here on Saturday. So, hopefully, you’ll be out of the snow zone by then.

      Yeah, count your blessing that you aren’t at DIA. Latest count of people stranded there until at least tomorrow night: 4700.

    • Thanks. Doo had a really good day. It was great to see him smile and feel good about himself and not just pace the house in a dementia haze. After I made him put up with the booties and getting all wet and staying outside with me for an hour, he quit being so persnickety and finally went out on his own later, sans apparel, and realized that it IS possible to pee even when your feet are cold.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pics. They are great! Maybe I’ll take some of my enforced spare time and sew up some snow gear for Shadow Marnier. At this point, we’re putting down piddle pads in the basement and picking up/setting down new several times a day. Poor girl can’t get off the front porch. I’m looking out the window and most of the cars have disappeared save for a bit of sideview mirror sticking out of the snow mound.

  3. Wow – I’m ordering a gift basket online for work, and there’s a note on the form saying “orders for Colorado may be delayed due to the snow storm.” That’s one big blizzard!

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