Get Mortified

OK, just when I thought I was gonna get to be righteously satisfied in my self-pity and curmudgeondom, I go and find this and now there’s nothing to do but laugh at myself. Get Mortified is a site where adults share their most embarrassing childhood diary entries and love letters and then glory in their angsty inelegance and patheticness. It’s too funny to explain it well. You just have visit it to see yourself on these pages. They’ve even turned into it a stage show. Here’s a precious gem:


3 thoughts on “Get Mortified

  1. So there I was, crying myself awake again, when I pulled out my laptop and logged into LJ, to see this post. And now I’m crying from laughing so hard. OMG I can’t even read any more!!! Thanks for sharing this morification with us all… 🙂

  2. I went to see a friend in it in LA – he reads a suicide note from when he was 13 or so and no one understood him, in which he says ‘no one person should blame themselves – it’s all of your faults equally’. Then, over the course of the pages, ‘suicide’ slowly becomes ‘running away’ as he talks himself out of it. And it’s before he knew he was gay, but goes on and on about when he has his own house, it will be filled with pink candles and soft rugs.

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