Two Thumbs Up

I’ve been a James Bond fan since my childhood Roger Moore days, even though Moore always seemed a little too much of “dirty old man”, even for James, to play the part. And had I been born 15 years earlier, I would have been right there since Dr. No. I have no problem suspending my femininism for 90 minutes of campy fun, double entendres, and damn good stunts, setting, and intrigue. While I must admit that the James Bond formula was getting a bit hackneyed–*sigh*–it was hard to imagine James as anything but the old James without losing something precious.

But they’ve got me with the new James. He’s as egotistical as ever, but unrefined and therefore vulnerable. He doesn’t get by by being the most clever or most skilled or best toy-equipped character on screen. He misses clues, shows his hand, messes up and then has to risk more personally in order to fix it. They did a great job with character development (listen for the timing of the building of the 007 theme music) and tossed humorous references for us old timers. And Mr. Craig is, well, easy on the eyes.

James Bond: Vodka-martini.
Bartender: Shaken or stirred?
James Bond: Does it look like I give a damn?

The only sobering downside was to realize that I am now the same age as James Bond. Either that means there’s hope a life of adventure for me yet or I’m just plain getting old. 🙂

My two pennies: Go see Casino Royale. I’m going to hate waiting 2 years for the next installment.


2 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up

  1. Seeing Casino Royale has made me want to go back and watch the others. I really enjoyed it, although I’m kind of a wuss about the violence.
    I am sure I’ll be somewhat dismayed that Daniel Craig isn’t Bond in all of them, ’cause damn. Easy on the eyes is an understatement! 😀

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