The Crud

Damn. I woke up yesterday morning with a slight sore throat. Last night, despite a long hot bath in Himalayan salts, my cranium, jaws, neck and shoulders were beset with aches. I sweated most of the night. And, today, I’ve added sniffles to the mix, And it’s hard to swallow. Talking makes it worse.

It’s the times when I’m sick that living alone sucks. I want someone to ‘poor baby’ me, to prop me up in front of the TV and bring me tea and soup, bury me under blankets, and to rub my head until I’m ready to nap. I want my mommy or daddy and I don’t feel the list bit whiny or apologetic about it.



One thought on “The Crud

  1. Oh, poor baby! (I know a “virtual” poor baby isn’t the same thing, but I can try…)

    Sorry to hear you got it too. I know what you mean. All I want is for someone to magically appear with homemade chicken soup, and rub my feet while I nap and watch tv. Is that so much to ask?

    Feel better soon!

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