Gift Certificates – who wants one?

I use to host my evolving website ( They have given me $20 gift certificates to pass out. I’m not sure what the minimum purchase would be. But I’m very happy with them. I signed a three month contract (which averages out to $7/month) and have been impressed with their reliability, service, and tools so much that I’m going to up it to a 2 year contract (which averages about to about $5/month.)

If any of you have been thinking about getting a website (a domain name of your choosing is included in the cost), leave your email address here and I’ll send you a gift certificate for them. (I’ll make your post private as soon as I read it so you won’t forever expose your email to the world.)

For those of you who care about the geeky stuff, Siteground can host Joomla, Drupal, and Mambo sites as well as wikis and WordPress blogs and osCommerce stores and your homegrown CGI and PHP scripts (with MySQL backend for db users) as well as a variety of bulletin boards (forums). Other features include a private FTP upload area, email address, and website statistics monitoring. I’ve personally tried some of those features and will be adding some more. (You won’t see them on my site, because I haven’t made them public yet.)


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