Lovem the Doo Dog

Gotta take Doo Dog in for a teeth cleaning today. The anesthetic is so hard on him: it takes him a couple of days before he’s not groggy and wobbly anymore. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel like it was important for his health. It’s just that he has gotten so weird anymore about anyone getting in his mouth that I can’t see if he’s rubbing his face a lot because it feels good or because something is bugging him. He always had bad teeth and been prone to decay and infection. So, it’s hard to tell, at his age, what’s worse: having to fight off infection or having to recover from anesthesia. At least the vet uses a relatively easy sedative that doesn’t make him totally unconscious. But still … Momma worries.


2 thoughts on “Lovem the Doo Dog

  1. I’ve been told Shadow, our pomeranian, has soft enamel and is overdue for a dental cleaning.

    I wonder if there isn’t a way to do that at home. I mean, I clip claws and groom fur myself. My vet didn’t bother having me come in when stitches needed removing because, duh!, I can do that myself. So maybe regular brushing would either clean the teeth or get ze pup in question accustomed to oral stim so that less anesthesia was necessary, or both.

    I’ve bought “treats” that are supposed to be good, and I have a toothbrush and doggie enzymatic paste, but I haven’t used the latter, and I don’t believe the former does quite enough.

    Maybe ask Doo’s doc and share the news?

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I give him teeth cleaner dog biscuits. And I’ve got teeth cleaner toys but he is not interested in them. And I’ve tried brushing his teeth but it makes us both absolutely crazy and brings out the worst in me.

      He used to be better about letting me into his mouth (e.g., to give him pills or check his teeth), but now he has panicky kiniption and freaks right out if I try. (He’s the same way about his claws.)

      So, getting him professional dental care is the best thing I’ve come up with.

      We did OK last night. The doc gave him a lower dosage of anesthetic and he seemed pretty normal within a few hours. So, phew.

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