For those of you still keeping track …

  • The dog is finally lice-free and has even not heavily wet his diaper in days.
  • The relationship is still a bit, um, how shall I say, unsmooth and so feels like work a lot of the time. I’ve been hitting my edge of confusion as to when to stick up for myself and when to let things go, and trying to do the former more often even though it creates a bunch of anxiety for me. (I might as well make different mistakes than the ones I made in past relationships, eh?) We are both trying hard to smooth things out. We are both the kind to stick to it, and it’s great to be in a relationship with someone who actually engages in the process of being in a relationship.
  • I’m still at my soul-sucking job and my short term disability has ended and, next week, I got back to work full-time.
  • I’m still taking classes on how to start a small business and that provides oodles of homework. (No wonder not everybody does this.) Tonight, I’ll be at the public library learning all about doing market research so I can size up the demographic and psychographic and profit potential from my target customer base.
  • I have learned that I have exactly one year left to finish my thesis. I WILL get it done. Even if, in the end, I have to quit my job to do it. I need to set myself a decision point for that.
  • I’ve gone genealogy bonkers and have even been hand editing my GEDCOM files just because I can. I’m weird that way. I have a vision, a fanciful vision, of merging all of the trees I can get my hands on, starting with the ones that link me to 10s of thousands of people–living and dead–including some old royalty (and I’m not just referring to my 4th cousin once removed, Elvis Presley). C’mon, everybody, hold hands! “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” Everyone, meet my great-great-great grandmother:
  • Also, I’ve been trying to help out on my genealogy site’s user forum and lobbying for a job with them. These people don’t know how badly they need me. These people are growing so damn fast with all of the National Geographic exposure on DNA and genealogy that they can’t even keep up on the work of hiring people fast enough to support their existing user base. Not good. This is where I come in. This is exactly the kind of problem I’m good at solving. They don’t know it yet, but they are gonna get lucky (if they can ever stop having meetings and answering phones long enough to seriously chat with me).

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