Lucky One

Well, aren’t I the lucky one this week.

Tuesday night, I went to go here Sam Harris speak, worried that I wouldn’t get in because I hadn’t been able to get a ticket in advance. I arrived at the venue and a woman just walked up to me and GAVE me a free ticket because one of her friends couldn’t come. Mr. Harris was brilliant. (Can you believe that, now he’s written well-informed books on religion and politics, he has decided to go to graduate school in neuroscience? That kind of mind is such a turn on to me.) And I even got to spend some time at the microphone and ask a question. I even sounded smart. (I said something like, “You blame religion for these ills you speak of, but if logic, reason, and empiricism are the currency of truth, as you sustain, then an intelligent child can just as easily and dangerously use greedy reductionism to think herself into existential angst because she can’t prove that her parents love her. I suggest to you that religion thrives because it speaks to the felt experience of people and resonates with an experience of living in a way that science does not. Given this, what do you feel is the value of metaphorical thinking?)

Then tonight, after class, I took the route home that went by the mall and kept the window rolled down to see if Mr. Dolby was still whooping it up. He was. I got in. For free. And got to stand pretty much in the front and watch the master work. The sound system wasn’t great. It lacked oomph and blend. The crowd wasn’t high energy, and as any performer knows, the energy of the audience makes or breaks the show. But there were some devoted fans and he had a good sense of humor about the occasion and didn’t skimp on performancing, if you know what I mean. Plus, it turned out to be perfect for me: drive right up, park close, not have to suffer through an opening band, not have to deal with cigarette smoke or huge crowds, get to bounce up and down in my MBT’s, and then still get to bed by 11 PM.

Not a bad week, I’d say.


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