Silver Lining

Sometimes gifts come wrapped in unexpected packaging. Remember all that crap I went through a few months ago with my cell phone and eventually Cingular was forced into giving me a fancy schmancy phone? So, I ended up with a phone that does calendar stuff but I didn’t use it for that because I had my iPaq. And besides all of my address book and calendar info is on my Mac and I have to use special software just to get my iPaq to sync with it. And that software doesn’t even work for the new phone.

Now, remember a couple of weeks ago when my hard drive died? When I got it back, someone had mistakenly upgraded my Op Sys to the latest version of Panther. Lucky me. Now, the real surprise. The latest version of iSync on the Mac knows how to automatically sync with my fancy schmancy phone via bluetooth. Two things that I never paid for (except in hair pulling) but that work together!

I can get rid of my iPaq now (whose syncing software no longer seems to work with Panther anyway). That’s a few hundred bucks less of hardware that I have to carry around. I love getting rid of stuff. And–have I mentioned?–I love my Mac.

Now, if I could only figure out what the hell is up with my wireless network since I got my new hard drive home. Ye gawds, it’s always sumthin.


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