September 11

Almost everyone I know probably remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news 5 years ago today. I could say a lot of things here in commemoration of the event. Most of them are being said by other people, more eloquently than I could. So, I share a more personal memory.

I was on my way to work, listening to the radio, when I heard. My dad was staying with me, renovating my basement, and I figured that probably hadn’t heard the news. After watching the second tower fall on TV, I went home and found him in the dusty, concrete hole that would become a guest bathroom and when I told him, what’s the first thing he said? Prophetically, “Well, that’s the end of civil liberties as we know them.”

That was damn astute, Dad.


6 thoughts on “September 11

    • No joke. I’ve heard it said that every generation needs a war to keep them awake and appreciative of what we’ve got. His had Vietnam. Ours was lulled by consumerism and look where that camplacency and blind trust in the govt has got us. I wonder what the folks who are of draftable age will bring to this country in future years.

      • I remember skipping class in college to watch Waco go down, and explaining to our prof (who talked about the mobilizing power of war) that we thought it was important for us to see, and he agreed. It just seems like each generation becomes more inured to such things, so it would have to take something huge – obviously bigger than 9/11 – to mobilize us now.

        DJ and I were talking last night about vote tampering in recent years, and how if it gets more egregious, it could either be the spark of the next real revolution in this country, or if people just let it slide, the last nail in the coffin of our brand of democracy.

    • Thanks. [*blushes*]. I hadn’t thought of it like that, but, yes, now that you mention it, it does. Dad has an critical, problem-solving eye from the outset of a situation. Mom watches very keenly but quietly and holds her insights until the time is ripe and then delivers her zingers with loving compassion.

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