Peeking out

Hi, friends. I’ve been getting a bit of a reprieve from depression. In fact, I’ve been just slightly manic. I got it in my head to finally get around to developing my website and have been staying up late looking into cool toys and tools to add. Years ago, I learned javascript and added rollovers and what not, and developed some buttons in Paint Shop Pro. But I never finished the site so I didn’t push it out to the web server. The next big task was to develop a database of featured content. The blog is part of that. I’m discovering that a lot of what I had envisioned for the site years ago is now being provided in other sites and web apps and all I hafta do is RSS feed them over. One of the things I’m looking for is an RSS feed for a daily, featured “click to donate” charity, and, of course, I’ll need a spot to feature my new book library. W00t!

You MUST check out LibraryThing. (No pun intended.) It is a way to catalog all of your books, ratings, and reviews, and, by doing so, you indirectly create a social network based on your own folksonomy. The outstanding feature of this site that, to me, differentiates it from’s myMediaShelf (and other personal cataloguing tools) is that, like LJ, LibraryThing firmly believes that your data is your own. You can export it and take it with you and use it however you like it. It does not become the property of to make money off of. LT is non-profit and has grown explosively in the year that it has been around. Check it out and see the first seeds of my book collection here.

If anyone has any suggestions for other cool open source or charitable tools for me to include, send ’em my way!

Thanks a bunch to my folks and friends for your encouragement and phone calls and notes during my last few, tough weeks. And, , you had me ROTFL with your voicemail from Samuel L. Jackson yeseterday. Hugs all around.


3 thoughts on “Peeking out

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better! *hugs* I will definitely check out that LibraryThing site – how fabulous does that sound? Good luck with the development of the website – I admit I’m website-challenged and really need to get on the ball. 🙂

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