Missing Books

Say, did I happen to lend out my O’Reilly books on HTML and JavaScript to anyone out here? I remember someone asking if they could borrow them and I don’t see them on my bookshelf, so I’m hoping they will come back to me soon. I picked up PHP tonight and have started hooking it up to MySQL running on my Mac, and I’ve got a little bug in my shorts to do some major work on pedalinfaith.com. (Don’t bother looking yet; right now, it’s just a feed of this journal).

, was it you? Or maybe ? I’m trying to think who might have been visiting my studio and saw them on my shelf and asked after them.


2 thoughts on “Missing Books

  1. Not I, but I have some books if you need to borrow them. an O’Reilly book on DHTML, and one on HTML. (although they are a little dated) Also, I’ve been known to be a font of web information. I’m sadly very familiar with AJAX, Javascript, (D)HTML, and a little bit of XHTML.
    Also,.. a great reference that I’ve used for the last few years is irt.org .
    Lot’s of good examples of stuff in there.

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