Hee, hee. I just used the word “transmogrification” in a technical document I’m writing. Yes, I take my amusements where I can.

Anyone care to titillate me with your own made-up sentence using some form of the word? C’mon, you know I love it when friends do that. Pleeeeeeeez.


4 thoughts on “Transmogrification

  1. Ecstatic with the effects of her transmorgification, Silvia set to work immediately using her eight arms and all of her newly found weapons to rescue innocents and destroy evil.

  2. Transmorgification

    Having perfomed her civic duty and having unwittingly entered the secret transmorgification booth, Jane Q. Public pulled aside the voting both curtain and was struck by a strange, new thought…”Mabye by banning gay marriage and flag burning, we would finally have a chance at world peace and economic prosperity!”

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