The Quiet Office

It’s eerily quiet around the office today. I mean, like, there’s no one here. Hardly any noise except the hum of computers and air conditioners. It’s like waking up from an afternoon nap and, still in beta waves, not sure how long you slept and wondering what day it is. It’s that surreal sort of feeling. Now, I now sometimes I get a little sleepy in the afternoon, but this is reminding of that 1980’s disaster film “The Quiet Earth” in which all people on Earth are destroyed without a trace except those that were near death.

Pretty soon, a nerdy scientist and muscly native will appear and start fighting over me. I’m getting out of here.


3 thoughts on “The Quiet Office

  1. ooga booga…
    My office is always quiet. oftentimes you don’t even hear the hum of a computer,.. or the clicky clack of people typing. It might be because there are only 7 of us in a room that fits 32. And it’s got doors, so we don’t even get ambient noise from the rest of cubeville. I’d record an mp3 and post it here, but it’d just sound silent. In fact, other than me typing this here.. there is no other noise that I hear.. and once I stop… silence………

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