Quicky bits

Quicky bits:

  • My laptop is gonna be OK. I spent most of Monday evening at the Apple store. I was really impressed with the service. They were very attentive and patient and knowledgeable and didn’t talk to me like a two year old that they couldn’t wait to get rid of. So much nicer than the service I usually get from a store run by 20-somethings in a college town. They got me a new hard drive even though mine, of course, didn’t misbehave for them when I took it in. They backed up all my data just to make doubly sure, were very patient, and are going to let me exchange my power cord as well. I love my Mac. I love my Mac. I love my Mac.
  • I finally got together the pile of pics that I feel good enough about to submit to a magazine and mailed all 36 B&W’s into my favorite magazine, The Sun. Dunno if they are considered publishable or not. It’s just one big experiment and I’m primarily using it as a practice of getting over the hump of submitting creative material and putting myself out there.
  • I reworked my latest piece for this month’s Readers Write submission and mailed it in. I don’t know if it was any good, but the column has at least got me practicing creative writing. is finishing up his MA in creative writing and has his own little startup publishing company and he is going to let me pick his brain and learn from him for a few hours every month. So, hopefully, the pieces will get better.
  • Along those lines, I tried to sign up for The Sun’s writers workshop at Esalen, but is full. VERY full. No go on that. I beat myself up for a day for not signing up earlier and then got a much better idea: They should come to me! So, I wrote them and asked them to Boulder. And–no shitting–the events director wrote back right away and said they are very interested and actually tried once but didn’t find the right venue for the kind of workshop they want to put on. So, I told them I’d help find them one since I’m on the ground here. Once their upcoming workshop has passed, we’ll chat some more about what they need in a site.
  • I started reading an investing/entrepreneur book called Before You Quit Your Job, which isn’t so much about practical steps as it is about figuring out if you are the kind of person who is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It’s very motivational. I know that the author, like many of these “I got rich and you can too” books, has a questional reputation. But he is giving me the kind of kick in the pants I need to quit whining and start planning. He’s got some good advice for people who haven’t been trained to be business people, like identifying the potential for the kind of product or service you want to offer, figuring out where you are weak (in your thinking style and in your skills) and what you need to develop before you jump off the deep end, and the importance of having a mentor.
  • So, I called up the Boulder Small Business Development Corporation and signed up for their upcoming semester on everything you need to know to start a business. (Why they use a fish for their logo is beyond me. I’ll have to ask them when we get to the marketing and communications section of the class.) They are in partnership with the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and the City of Boulder, so it’s on the up and up. It’s amazingly inexpensive and it comes with free counseling and out of it you get some networking contacts. I start next week. I’m stoked. I’m gonna be an entrepreneur, people. I’ve got a couple of ideas for things already. I’m choosing to be hand wavy about them for now. And a friend (who shall remain nameless until s/he chooses to out themselves) almost has a product to market but no small business infrastructure, and they invited me to help put that together since I’m more of a type A, detail gal. Works for me and I could use their particular flavor of help on some projects of mine. So, I’ll get lots of practice soon. I think I need to get me an entrepreneur icon.

    I’m not ready to quit my day job yet. But I’m getting closer.

    In other news, just kicked ass in the Slamdance Screenwriters Competition. (Go, boho!) is having a birthday and diving into his second year of grad school. (May you enjoy this birthday and many more.) After a long, tough year, is about to have a cancer-free one. (Happy Birthday, Beth!) are now 3 and are flying home tonight from China with their daughter Soli! (I can’t wait to meet her.) And has lit up the Fringe Fest, and Edinborough will not be the same without her. (I know it hasn’t been the same here without you around.) My god, you people are amazing.

    OK, time to go pick up my laptop of love with its brand spanking new hard drive.

  • After you come back from vacation …

    [sent to me by ]

    After vacation this family noticed their water bill was very high. Nothing was leaking, and it appeared no one had been in the house. The dog was still outside, and the cat was still inside, so they were stumped as to how so much water had been used. They suspected someone was turning on a tap and running it during the night. Last night they heard water running, grabbed the camcorder to get a movie of the law breaker in action to give to the police. The water thief was caught on tape!

    Click Me. It Feels Good.

    Hey, all you wannabe do-gooders out there. It’s really easy to do something that’ll make you feel good about yourself.

    Have you seen those “click here for free and our charitable organization will get some moola” sites? There’s one for curing AIDS, and one for curing breast cancer, and one for ending world hunger and so on. Well, Daily Free Donations has compiled a database of non-profits and charitable organizations that raise money using the “click to donate” mechanism. Every couple of days, the service emails you a link which you can click, and then, with that index finger workout, you’ve made a difference to somebody out there working their ass off for a cause but with no sweat off your back or money out of your pocket. Altruism made easy.

    Try it. It’ll be a bright spot in your day.

    Random Bits

    Quicky news update

    • Hard drive on my home computer is sick. I have an appointment with an official “Apple Genius” to get it fixed tonight. The irony is that it started making a funny noise right after I flipped it upside down yesterday while it was running to check and make sure my laptop battery wasn’t part of the big lithium ion recall. It wasn’t. Thank the gods that it is under warranty and I back up my data. I already learned that lesson once the hard way.
    • Hermes and I just don’t seem to be able to get our wires uncrossed. I am consistently amazed at the things that he has interpreted so disturbingly differently than what I meant, and then he doesn’t see why we have to process all of the time and can’t just get along. From his perspective, I’m no picnic either. We’ve decided to take a week off from each other. I’m OK with that.
    • Given the prevous two items, I had nothing to do last night but catch up on my reading. I’m almost through Thomas Merton’s, ~450-page spiritual autobiography. Good story, well-written, but if you thought I am hard on myself, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. I have enjoyed seeing the similarities among disparate spiritual traditions emerge yet again and then spun with a certain twist. While I have been once again completely drawn in by the universality of the spiritual crisis and search, the reading has left me feeling weighed down with all of the heaviness of the Catholic dogma. Why all of the self-flagellation? Can’t the ego be brought into alignment with the spirit/Self/God without such preoccupation with one’s faults and misgivings? Seems to me that God would be better glorified through humble celebration of the strangeness and complexity and wonder of life rather than constellation of an identity built around shameful sin. I’ve often said that I could see myself being a nun (the structure and minimal distractions from spiritual infusion definitely appeals) except for the little problem that I’m just not Catholic. 🙂
    • I went to this exotic animal rescue sanctuary yesterday. I can’t believe that I am so lucky to live near such a place (that rescues lions, and tigers, and bears from all over the country) and I’ve never heard of it before. Pix forthcoming (when I get my computer fixed).

      And, most urgently in the news, I have a bag of mini-cookies from Paradise Bakery (maker of The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever) on my desk. If you are reading this and can get here in time, I’m sharing as long as you promise not to chit chat about the JonBenet Ramsey case.

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    Peeking out

    Hi, friends. I’ve been getting a bit of a reprieve from depression. In fact, I’ve been just slightly manic. I got it in my head to finally get around to developing my http://pedalinfaith.com website and have been staying up late looking into cool toys and tools to add. Years ago, I learned javascript and added rollovers and what not, and developed some buttons in Paint Shop Pro. But I never finished the site so I didn’t push it out to the web server. The next big task was to develop a database of featured content. The blog is part of that. I’m discovering that a lot of what I had envisioned for the site years ago is now being provided in other sites and web apps and all I hafta do is RSS feed them over. One of the things I’m looking for is an RSS feed for a daily, featured “click to donate” charity, and, of course, I’ll need a spot to feature my new book library. W00t!

    You MUST check out LibraryThing. (No pun intended.) It is a way to catalog all of your books, ratings, and reviews, and, by doing so, you indirectly create a social network based on your own folksonomy. The outstanding feature of this site that, to me, differentiates it from amazon.com’s myMediaShelf (and other personal cataloguing tools) is that, like LJ, LibraryThing firmly believes that your data is your own. You can export it and take it with you and use it however you like it. It does not become the property of amazon.com to make money off of. LT is non-profit and has grown explosively in the year that it has been around. Check it out and see the first seeds of my book collection here.

    If anyone has any suggestions for other cool open source or charitable tools for me to include, send ’em my way!

    Thanks a bunch to my folks and friends for your encouragement and phone calls and notes during my last few, tough weeks. And, , you had me ROTFL with your voicemail from Samuel L. Jackson yeseterday. Hugs all around.

    Missing Books

    Say, did I happen to lend out my O’Reilly books on HTML and JavaScript to anyone out here? I remember someone asking if they could borrow them and I don’t see them on my bookshelf, so I’m hoping they will come back to me soon. I picked up PHP tonight and have started hooking it up to MySQL running on my Mac, and I’ve got a little bug in my shorts to do some major work on pedalinfaith.com. (Don’t bother looking yet; right now, it’s just a feed of this journal).

    , was it you? Or maybe ? I’m trying to think who might have been visiting my studio and saw them on my shelf and asked after them.

    It’s Meme Day

    [yoinked from ]

    You scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.

    Cultural Creative
















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    Peeling back the layers

    On the way into work today, I had to make a left turn. And there was a guy standing on the corner talking to his buddy. He looked like he was getting ready to walk, but he was facing his buddy and the other intersection and I couldn’t tell which way he was going to go, if he was going to go at all. I got a break in traffic and decided to take the opening, and just then the guy turned from facing his friend and stepped out into the intersection without even looking. So, I stopped quick, a sitting duck in on-coming traffic. I felt really bad for scaring him and I felt mad for him scaring me. I looked worriedly at the traffic barrelling down on me and threw up my hands in a gesture of “I don’t know what to do.” And, in response, he yelled at me indignantly through my open window, “I HAVE A WALK SIGNAL HERE!” I veered around behind him and escaped danger, but I was really hurt inside. I just hated that I was trying so hard to be conscientious and he got angry at me. And I just started crying. It was like I was back in 2nd grade and had just gotten publically humiliated for committing the mortal sin of daydreaming. I just felt so small and wrong and stupid and angry for feeling all those things about myself when I know better.

    Over all, I have to say though that this week has been decent. The run down