Lucky Me

I was walking around Whole Foods this morning carrying two huge bouquets of flowers when a woman turns around and says, “Oh, wow, what gorgeous flowers!” And we look at each other and it’s my old friend Jane Ellen. We haven’t seen each other for probably 4 years. And, as always, she is just as enthusiastic and generous in spirit. The encounter reminded me that there are really a lot of genuine, good souls in my world. I’m damn lucky.

Another one that reminds of this is my friend Diana. Diana and her husband took in Doo Dog while Hermes and I went away to Telluride last weekend for the wedding of two other really fine souls (my old housemate and her gem of a guy). Diana is one of those people who has a smile and a kind word for everyone (and often a bunch of flowers to boot) and just naturally gives selflessly for the joy of giving itself. Doo had a great time with her and her hubby. And Diana even wrote up a diary of their time together to give to “Mom”. šŸ™‚ So sweet. She has got me inspired to start giving out flowers to people again for no reason. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to make someone’s day like that.

Giving flowers to strangers is also one of the more awkward yet thrilling things to do. It’s a really good way for me to stretch myself. People just can’t believe that you don’t have some ulterior motive. And I get scared that they won’t like it or that I’m bothering them. Silly, I know. And perhaps I do have an ulterior motive. By reaching out to them in such a personal way, it makes me feel more connected overall and makes my world the kind of place where strangers really do do nice things for each other.

Afterthought: Jane Ellen said I looked great. She didn’t even recognize me at first. She loves my wild, long curls. And I do feel a little taller and freer and more beautiful than I ever have. It felt really affirming to have it noticed so evidently by someone who hasn’t seen me change little by little over the last few years.

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