Global Warming Silver Lining

I saw “An Inconvenient Truth” a few weeks back. Now, it’s not like I didn’t already know about this bad global warming business. But that movie got me mo-ti-vated! It’s scary, what’s happening. And the apathy of the government of the biggest contributor to global warming (that would be us) is even scarier. We are getting to a snowball point where the increased warming will lead to increased dryness which leads to increased forest fires which leads to increased CO2 and so on and so on. And that’s just one aspect of it. I can’t do the movie justice in describing the nature and escalation of the crisis. But–the thing is–there isn’t only bad news! If every household in America simply switched to CFL light bulbs, we could drastically reduce the effects and rapidly get this planet back on track.

Since the movie, I’ve been doing my laundry with warm rather than hot water, and I’ve driven my new hybrid over to the hardware store(s) and gotten new filters for my evaporative coolers at home, and CFL’s for my lights (btw, they are coming out with ones that work on dimmer switches next month), and today I got myself an Energy Star rated refrigerator. Woohoo!

For sometime now, I thought I wanted to start replacing my appliances with ones with a stainless steel finish (because after bamboo floors and a red accent wall, that’s just the right thing to do, aethestically speaking–I’m sure the Queer Eye guys would agree). But magnets won’t stick to stainless steel and fingerprints really stand out on it. So, then I figured I’d get the faux stainless steel finish, but–up close–they are kind of dark and dull and the shades vary between appliance makers and the kicker is that you can’t get any other appliances (stoves and dishwashers) to match (because those don’t come in a faux finish). But then those mottled, textured white/off-white/black ones that everyone has just look so cheap and tacky and if I’m going to fork out $$ for a new fridge, I’d at least like it to improve the look of my home. But the Lowe’s salesman had my solution: a refrigerator with a smooth, shiny finish and if I’m willing to stick with off-white, then I won’t have the dilemma of whether or not to swap out my old, perfectly good appliances as well.

Here are the specs on the new fridge. You can’t see the glossy finish so well in the photo, but–trust me–it looks swanky. No protruding handles whose seams will show the gross build-up from messy hands over time. It has spillproof shelves (so no more leaky containers spilling their goo onto the shelves below and accumulating into a nasty clean up job). And, of course, a wine rack.

I’m so proud of myself. It’s on order and should be in my kitchen within a week and a half. Perhaps the best part: I don’t have to clean my nasty refridgerator. They are just gonna haul that sticky, old box with the missing shelves away for free.

Now, I need to get that water heater blanket and change the air filter on my furnace and get some small power strips to plug my electonics into so that I can turn them off easily when I’m not using them (electronics chargers keep drawing a small amount of energy even if they are charging the gadget).

P.S. Everyone is getting CFL’s for Christmas this year.

10 thoughts on “Global Warming Silver Lining

  1. No thanks on the CFL’s I’ve had those in for years now. But I do need to re insulate my attic. As well as add a water heater blanket, and probably do some pipe wrapping. In regards to attic insulation. This stuff is supposed to work wonders. I have a co worker who put it in and has had great success with lowering his bills etc.

  2. Thank you so ginormously much for giving us Scooter. Mom and Bob surprised me with it a few days before my birthday (so I wouldn’t die of happyshock) and I can’t even begin to say how excited I am! I’m madly in love with that adorable car! I’m even finding it easier to learn stick shift than I thought it would be. Everything about it is fabulous.

    Having a car is going to make my life SO much easier.. There are a lot of things I miss being involved with in Broomfield, like my old church community, and the car will really help with that. It’ll also make finding a job a lot easier, since transportation was an issue — and now that I’m a grown-up, I can get a not-quite-as-sucky-as-retail job! Also, at my alternative school, my teacher-person is starting a choir and wants me to student conduct, and having transportation will make it that much easier to get to rehearsals and stuff, not to mention meeting with her in the meantime to pick music. It’s going to be awesome.

    I’m thinking about doing the entire body in duct tape — like having a bunch of friends over for an afternoon and just going crazy with the silver. Then I’d clear-lacquer the heck out of it, of course. My friends already want to know what creative stuff I’m going to do with the inside … so far, I’m thinking a center console in the back that holds Legos and has a lego-surface on top for people to build on. My stepsister suggested velcro-ing the feet of Power Rangers toys and having them on the ceiling, but I’m not sure how well they’ll hold. What do you think?

    Thanks again soooooo much. I can’t convey how wonderful and helpful this present is. I’m a very happy newly-18-year-old. 🙂


    ~ Tanith

    • Hooray! I’m glad you like her. She has been very good to me. I think you’ll really like stick shift. It gives you a lot of power. And, with 6 cylinders under you, you’ll be able to pass most everyone going up steep hills.

      I’m giggling with glee about your idea of duct taping and lacquering the body. How creative! You’ll definitely need to give the driver’s side door some protective coating because it started to rust quickly once the semi scraped the paint off of it in January. Legos would be a great addition to the back seat. It would make the interior and endless changeable work of art. I imagine that you’ll have some trouble getting the Power Rangers to stick on the ceiling. The ceiling fabric is starting to come loose in places and so you’d need to find a way to pin their feet not just to the outer fabric but to the padding underneath so as to not pull the whole thing down.

      I hope I get to see your work of art one day. Congratulations on you 18th. Big thanks to for the suggestion to pass her on to you and for doing all of the leg work. Nothing could make me happier than to see that Scooter is making someone else happy. I hope she gives you many reliable, safe miles on your journey forward.

  3. CFLs are a problem for me. I buy only full-spectrum bulbs because, without those rare blue frequencies, I become paralytically depressed. I realize they cost more, don’t last as long, and use more energy, but if you’re going to start talking solely “efficiency” with no thought for “quality of life”, you might as well diminish my use of resources by shooting me.

    When they do full-spectrum compact fluorescents, I’ll be the first in line.

    • Yeah, I can relate. I have what they call “low flicker fusion frequency” and so I can see the pulsing flicker of flourescent tube bulbs and sometimes even individual frames on the screen when I’m at the movies. It can be quite overwhelming, even to the point of nausea. I used to go into grocery stores (notorious for their use of flourescent tube lights) and get so dazed and confused that I’d have to stare at the shelf for a long time to figure out what I wanted. It would take me 2 hours to shop. Ye gods.

      The flicker in the CFL’s, thank god, aren’t as bad. But I still miss the warmth of incandescents. Flourescents just have a sort of sickly glow. I’m putting the CFLs in light fixtures I don’t rely on as much (like hallways, porch lights, the half bathroom, living room). I think the kitchen is going to have to stay non-CFL, although I would like to get rid of those hot halogens.

  4. WONDERFUL! I think an overhaul is in order when I get back, certainly I’m looking forward to owning a home and using every trick in the book to make it as efficient as possible!

    • Yeah, owning a place is fun. You get to do whatever you want to it. Even knock down walls with a sledgehammer. Damn, that’s gratifying. Now that I’ve had my place and have been renovating it for a few years. I’m starting to wish I could have something built green from scratch. I heard a news article not too long ago about a local architect who built a green home from the ground up and it has hardly any energy usage!

      Just last weekend, we drove through my favorite part of Colorado. Every time I go through there, a sort of spiritual peace and sense of wonder and reverance comes over me. I’m really drawn to live there. And the last trip through got me fantasizing about looking for land to develop on.

      Now, I just gotta figure out how to do it. Chi-ching, chi-ching, you know.

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