5 thoughts on “Smile and say “Squee!”

  1. …subjects made various vowel sounds for a length of time. They were told they were doing a phonetics experiment. But a post-vowel battery of mood tests showed that the ones that had made “eeeeee” were in the best mood.

    That is the greatest!


  2. Fascinating. I totally buy it.

    Julie has a special genius with language just inherent in her being. The way she puts words together always, always makes me feel. I feel her stories in my tummy.

    Relatedly, your special genius with words, Pedal, is that you always, always make me think. You know, like, stop the tape and think.

  3. I LOVE shuff like that, the deeper resonances of linguistics… Like what factors in a given geographical region affect the dialect of that region…


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