I Heart Wednesday

I’m having a delicious morning off work, enjoying sitting in the sun and cuddling with the wookies (my cat and dog) and catching up on journaling.

I know you all have been dying to know about all of the excitement that is my life. So, here are few highlights from last weekend.

* Friday was Hermes’ birthday and we went out to see a “Whose Line is it, Anyway?”-type improv comedy show in Denver at the Bovine Metropolis (read: cow town) Comedy Theater. Since it was his birthday, they got us up on stage to do an improv game with us. It was big fun. Hermes has taken some improv classes there and really enjoyed it. And the troop seemed like kind and forgiving folks. So, now on our (Hermes’ and mine) list of things to do together is take improv classes there at some point.

* Saturday, my friend M and her husband invited us over for dinner. They are another Jew/Gentile couple who met later in life (in their 40’s), well after their individual personalities and quirks were firmly established. He proposed to her 6 weeks after they met and they’ve been married for 12 years now. It was fun to see how they negotiate their differences and have learned to laugh about them and take them in stride. M made a yummy shrimp gumbo recipe from her Cajun heritage and we sat on the back porch enjoyed the break from the heat the evening provided. They like to play cards and indulged me in teaching them Euchre (my favorite card game which no one outside of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois seems to know), and we had a grand old time.

* Sunday, Hermes and I had a nice little bike ride to breakfast at Le Peep and stopped into an Open House for a condo in a Victorian style house just because I like looking in other people’s houses. Then I headed over to join the “Circle Boulder by Bicycle” tour. It’s a 19-mile tour of Boulder via bike paths and side streets and unpaved trails that starts at Scott Carpenter Park and goes as far South as Table Mesa and US 36, as far East as Cherryvale, as far North as Upland, and as far West as 4th Street. The route avoided the heart attack hills in the city, but still Boulder is on a slope and there is no avoiding having to go up at some point. Even though it was late after, the sun was still beating down and the route kicked my ass. I had to walk the last big uphill part of it and I got dehydrated enough that I even got a little dizzy the next day. But I got explore new bike routes in Boulder, I ran into an old friend and we biked together part of the way and caught up on each other’s news, and I had great fun. I’m really proud of myself for sticking with it even when I wanted to keel over. My bike chain even popped off once and I put it back on all by my lonesome. And I love that I silently enjoyed my own company all afternoon.

This coming weekend: a surprise birthday trip for Hermes. (If you know about it, don’t spill the beans!) All he knows so far (in hints that have been revealed bit by bit) is that
(1) It is some place that he has told me he wants to go.
(2) It is some place that he has been before.
(3) It is a place where we will be doing a lot of walking.
(4) It is a place where he will need a bathing suit.
(5) And one occasion will require him to show a little spirited fashion elegance.

He can guess all he wants to, but I’m not sayin’ where we are headed until we get in the car on Friday late afternoon.


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