Uncruel Shoes

Check out my new shoes.

They make me bounce when I walk and use my core muscles instead of collapsing into my joints. My pilates instructor/physical therapist has a pair and luuuuurves them. So, I went out and tried a pair and I’ve been wearing them for maybe 20 minutes and they feel fantastic. I feel taller and lighter, emotionally and physically, just by walking around in these shoes.

Makes me wonder why they ever made shoes with flat bottoms before.

Edit: Turns out my beautician/cosmetologist/what-do-you-call-that-woman-with-a-thick-accent-who-waxes-your-legs-and-dyes-your-eyelashes has a pair of these in sandals and swears by them. Makes sense since she has to stand all day for her job. She said that, in the two years she has been wearing them, she hasn’t had any more back problems. Where have I been that I’ve missed this trend that makes orthodics look like things only cool people wear?


4 thoughts on “Uncruel Shoes


    I got a pair of those (albeit in boring gray, which was all they made at the time) about two years ago and love them… As does my bodywork guy. Come to think of it, I should wear them around this weekend to help my back…

    • Yeah, I love ’em. I don’t want to take them off. I feel like a kid with her favorite new toy. I want to sleep in them and shower in them. 🙂

      And I can already feel how they are doing good things for my psoas and other core muscles.

    • Those might be great for your ankle because you have to roll through to walk. You can’t just collapse into the shoe and expect the sole to make up for any inelegance. They’re good for mobility and strength and balance building.

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