Meet the Parents

So, the past couple of weeks have been full. Very full. Whenever I go out of town for the weekend, it seems it takes me 5 days to catch up to where I would have been had I had the weekend to loaf and do chores and journal.

Here’s a bit of what you’ve missed: Two weekends ago, I took Hermes home to meet the parents. The Appalachian spring weather was perfect. Everybody was on their best behavior. Dad even screened the slide show and pulled out any photos I might have been embarrassed by and stopped the picture chronology just before I hit that particularly adolescent form of awkward and ugly. (Thanks, Dad!) Mom and Hermes hit it off talking about art and finding artistic inspiration in galleries. While we cruised the Blue Ridge Parkway, I fought off the irrestible urge to nap on a full belly in a comfy backseat of a car that was rocking gently this way and that around the turns, and Dad got Hermes talking about himself. Hermes relayed some stories of his ability to fix and recycle things beyond where most normal people would just give up and toss something in the trash, and Dad gave him a high compliment which Hermes wasn’t sure at first was a compliment: “You are a hillbilly at heart.” Saturday night, “The Davinci Code” turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would. My folks were fantastic hosts. We did a lot of laughing and eating. Most gratifying of all to see these people I love enjoying each other and having a great time. Too bad it was so short!


4 thoughts on “Meet the Parents

    • OK, you’re on it now. Basically, things have been a mix. I’m doing well. The relationship has gotten a bit rocky lately. Long term prognosis is still pretty good, I think. But it’s a bit messy of late, which is forcing me to learn to take exquisite care of myself and lovingly enforce strong boundaries.

  1. I quote meself:
    When a cat calls you a cat, it’s a compliment.

    Delighted to hear it went well! And very happy to meet your beau in person (even though contra-dancing doesn’t seem to be his cup of tea).

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