Phone – All’s Well That Ends Well

Well, I like the new phone. It has more features than I know what to do with. So, I’m ignoring a lot of them. The flashy light patterns when it rings appeals to the sensationalist in me. The only thing I wish I had now that I got something close to it is the ability to sync with iCal and Mac Address Book. It only does MS Outlook on Windows, and Missing Sync doesn’t support that phone. Sigh.

I did go whole hog and get the bluetooth, handsfree headset. It’s so comfy that I forget that I’m wearing it and the sound is clear and I have to say it’s pretty cool to be riding along on my bike and just reach up and touch my ear and answer my phone and talk to my boyfriend while pedaling idly along next to the creek and through a field on an abundantly sunny spring day.

I will probably never go back to a land line. I’ve been assimilated. But I still leave the phone in the car or turn it off when I go to a movie or to lunch with a friend!!! I make look like a tool with my funny headset (although it’s pretty well covered by my hair so it just looks like I’m talking into space) but god forbid I start acting like one.

The bad news is that I forgot to send in the rebate form on time for the original phone. So, I ended up paying $40 for a phone in the end. The goods news though is that I ended up with one of the crappy phones and customer service said to just chuck it. I didn’t feel right about throwing radioactive waste into the garbage can. So, I took it to the Cingular store in town and they suggested that, since it does basically work, I donate it to the Battered Women’s Shelter which installs a chip in them so that they can only be used to call 911 and then the shelter gives them out to their clients. Tax deduction: $50. Good feeling: Priceless.


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