Looking over my monthly expenses and trying to see how my budget does/doesn’t work, I thought “Gee, I sure pay a lot for internet. I wonder if it’s like the phone company or credit card companies–maybe they have better rates and all you have to do is ask.” So, I looked on their website and they are having a special, 3-month discounted rate which they advertise as being for existing customers, but when you read the fine print, it’s for new customers. So, I call up the internet provider and say, hey, can you explain this to me? And since it’s a web-only offer, the service guy can’t seem to find it which he says is a constant problem and annoyance of his job because people call him up all of the time asking him about stuff on the website which he can’t read.

Eventually, he finds it and is just irritated with the inconsistency and says, “How about I just give you this rate?” I’m thinking, “But … but … but … it’s a web only offer.” Instead I say, “So, I get to keep all the same features and nothing changes except that you charge me less?” There has got to be a catch, right? He says, “That’s right.” So I add, “And after three months, I’ll just go back to my old rate (which is 40 cents/month cheaper than the best, current available rates)?” Matter of factly, he replied, “Yup.” It almost seemed like he on my side and was sending me a telepathic message, “Not everybody gets this good of a deal. Don’t draw attention to it. Take it already.” So, hell yeah, I quit looking a gift horse in the mouth and just said, “OK”. No change in features. I’m just gonna pay $40 less a month for 3 months.

Now, following the advice of the author of my motivational/practical advice finance book, I’m not just gonna absorb that moola; I’m gonna transfer $120 out of my checking (which is where I would have paid my internet bill from) to my money market. And I’m going to make it a practice to regularly move excess funds from my money market into a Roth IRA or start a mutual fund or something. God, 1 day and I sound like I almost know what in the hell I’m talking about.

Every little bit counts. Chi-ching.

Later on, I’m gonna copy for you the author’s chart that shows just how much richer you’d be if you funneled $5 each day into an investment account. It’s kind of stunning when it’s all in black and white like that. And it’s really not that hard. Makes me think completely differently about all those smoothies I buy.


6 thoughts on “chi-ching

    • “Start Late, Finish Rich” by David Bach. He’s hyperpositive–his motivational speaking style comes through in the book. The book is full of real life success stories and practical advice. It’s an easy read.

  1. It’s so true. I went to a seminar at the Screen Actors Guild once that went into all this stuff, and it’s incredible what you can do by just stashing away a little bit every day.

    • Yeah, I’ve already started to not pick certain prepared foods for lunch because I could fine less expensive options that I’d be happy with. I’m going to start making a practice of marking off on the calendar every day I move at least $5 into piggy bank (or money market).

      I bet if I just put a little more thought into small purchases, I’d create enough new wealth to keep motivating me.

  2. money

    I had something similar happen at earthlink. I saw some of the new promotional rates were lower that what I paid so I called them. They said sure and lowered my rate by 15$ a month permanently. Well they kept me as a customer.

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