At first, I thought it was a passing stomach upset. As the hours wore on, I decided it was food poisoning from lunch yesterday. Then I started to feel really sore in my muscles, but I figured it was the yoga class Saturday where I overdid. Then I woke up with stomach cramps, diarrhea, and the feeling that someone used the area just above my kidneys as punching bags. Now, I’m thinking it’s a stomach flu.

In between visits to the toilet, I spent the day on the couch napping and channel surfing. Thank God for the History channel. I haven’t watched that much useless TV since I was a teenager. Everytime I’d think I felt good enough or bored enough to do something, I’d get up and then feel kinda cold and shaky and then have to keep my mobile activities limited to 5-10 minutes. Bleh. By late afternoon, I started feeling solid enough to start eating saltines and drinking club soda with lemon. There was also the little added stress in the back of my mind that it’s only ever under just these sorts of weakened state/abdominal pain conditions that I have passed out having those little pseudo-seizures I’ve mentioned. So, I was extra careful and Hermes came and watched over me for a good chunk of it.

I think the worst has passed, and now I’m up late because I’m not sleepy (from all the napping) and my brain is thinking the day just *can’t* be over seeing how it hasn’t done a damn thing all day.

Time to tuck in with my hot water bottle and see if I can fool my body into more rest. Nighty night.


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  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling so bad. The lack of productivity on days when I’m sick drives me nuts. Thankfully, I haven’t been that sick in a while–just sleep deprived on a regular basis.

    I hope your feeling much better today. Get lots of vitamin c and green tea! 🙂

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