Checking in

Hi, all.

So sorry to have disappeared there for a while. I can’t seem to keep up with life lately. Here are a few highlights …

* Got a new bed. Seems to be better on my back.
* I’ve got a new work schedule: M, T, Th, F. Wednesday is for physical therapy, tango lessons, and just generally keeping my body moving.
* I’ve got a great new chair at work and it helps a lot.
* Both my doc and my private pilates instructor says that they can really see improvements. So, that’s good news. I definitely feel better after exercising but I’m having a hard time getting motivated to make time to do it every day.
* My aging dog’s little peeing randomly problem has worsened. I’m going to have to clean the couch. Again. I’m making him wear a diaper now pretty much all the time.
* My work laptop died.
* My most favoritest, best of all time, God’s-gift-to-engineers manager finally got fed up with all of the political undercutting and general crap at work and found himself a better job. Bummer for me, but I say more power to him. I may have great benefits at my company but the culture basic disrespect and pervasive sucky people skills makes me wonder daily if it’s worth it. Now that he’s gone that means I have to take on some of his responsibilities until they find our group a new manager. So, busy busy busy at work and since I’m only there 4 days a week, it feels like there’s less time for LJ.
* In the meantime, we have had to had to undergo a project review by antagonistic people who don’t want to see us succeed.
* I’m currently near Montecito (at Pacifica for my weekend workshop series) on a much needed break from taking the world way too seriously.

I’m sure there’s more. But that’s what comes to mind for now. Oh, and I want a chocolate chip cookie. Bad. Can someone fax me one?


3 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. I used to say, “I can handle anything as long as I’ve got me.” Pretty clearly, not everything in your life is all sunshine and roses, but it sounds like you’ve got you. A good night’s sleep is not a trivial thing, nor is a backdrop of physical pain. It sounds like the chair, bed, and exercise are giving you a foundation of clarity. Hooray!

    Faxing a choc chip cookie. How Roald Dahl. Gave me a smile. 🙂

    Wishing you the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

  2. So glad to hear from you. I was wondering about what’s going on with you. 🙂 Seems like kind of a mix of ups and downs, but nothing a good chocolate chip cookie can’t fix, at least for the moment.

    Wishing you a great big cookie!

  3. Hey there, glad to hear things are going well, for the most part. Getting into better physical shape has a way of making everything else seem better, imo. Hopefully this is true for you too.

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