Fuzz Ball Drama

Over the past few days, Doo doesn’t seem to finish his meals. He is as excited as ever in anticipation of eating. But then he sorta peters out 85% of the way through. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that this means he doesn’t eat all of his pills. Some are just supplements and its no big deal if he doesn’t get them every day. But stuff like the anti-dementia drugs are important (and cost like $2 a pill).

It used to be that I could pry his mouth open and do the force feeding trick where I stick it in on the back of his tongue and clamp his mouth shut and massage his throat until he swallows and sticks his tongue out. But he’s REALLY sensitive about me touching his mouth now. I had him checked out a month or two ago just to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with his teeth. There’s not. He’s just wound up. Finally, I got his mouth open this morning but I couldn’t get the anti-crazy pill in before he bit down. He NEVER bites me. He’s not an aggressive dog. I think he’s just freaking out because he’s scared and doesn’t understand what’s going on. Of course, if he ate his damn anti-kookoo pill, that might help things a bit.

But he made a hell of a dent in my finger which hurt like a $#@!& and sent me into a rage. Grrrrr.

Dog – 1.
Human – 0.

So, I swatted him on the ass. Hard. Which I vowed I would never do in anger, but I was fucking pissed and not thinking clearly. And then I cried because I felt so bad because I worry about him so much and what if this is his last day and I was mean to him and so on and so on. It’s sad enough that he has to spend most of his days now in diapers, caged in a 5×4-ish area now. I let him go without the diaper yesterday, hoping that maybe since he hadn’t been messing his diaper lately that the cycle was broken. But no. So, I got home yesterday–the worst cramping day of my period–and had to clean the floor and his bed and give him a bath and then do the laundry for all the towels, etc.

I feel so sorry for him. The only thing that makes it all OK is that, most of the time, when he isn’t sleeping or freaking out about food or getting bathed, his spirits are good and he is really a positive, loving little guy. It would kill me if he were depressed on top of all of this.


3 thoughts on “Fuzz Ball Drama

  1. Can you wrap the pills in a little bit of his food or a treat (piece of cheese or liverwurst) and give them to him at the beginning of his meal, before you put the food down? That way he still gets it without having to finish everything.

    I’m giving Bran amoxicillin now, and I always give it to him right before I feed him, so he hates it, but is associating it with getting fed, so he doesn’t fight so hard or scamper away when released.

    Don’t feel bad about kennelling Doo. It’s natural for dogs to live in caves and dens, and they adjust to a schedule of activity/inactivity pretty easily. He’s not of an age where he’s craving exercise all day. He probably feels safer and more relaxed in his den than out wandering around, looking for his pack when you’re not home.

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