Random bits

It has been a perfect 80 degrees for two days in a row. Yesterday, the sky was so blue it could have burned a hole in your brain if you looked at it too long.

I have ridden my bike to work three days this week. Day one sucked. I had no idea I was so out of shape. But I made it up the big hill today without having to resort to the easy gear. Added bonus: crab apple flowers are coming out and they smell deelish.

I love my boyfriend. He’s a good man with a big heart and an appreciative eye.

I’m getting a fat tax return. Every year, I learn a little more about what I can deduct. (I think I missed about $600 of deductible stuff last year.) Last year, it hit me that I could deduct a surprising amount for charity donations and I vowed to figure out how much and then just do that much. Then I let it slip. I vow to do that this year. That’s that much more that could go directly to schools and hospitals and non-profits and not to making enemies faster than we can kill them.

It’s Friday and I’m going home now.


2 thoughts on “Random bits

  1. You know you can file a 1040X for 2004 and take those deductions you missed last year, and get the rest of your refund, right?

    People are intimidated by taxes, but figure how long it would take you, and what you could expect to get back, and see if that works out to an “hourly” you could be happy with.

    • Yeah, I did that last year for my 2001 taxes and got a few hundred bucks back. w00t! I’ll take a look and see how much I could get back from last year too. Thanks for the reminder.

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