Weekend Redux

Well, the weekend had some nice spots in it but the bulk of it was for attending to my back. I left work early on Friday to go get a massage and I got there and they had recently repainted and I couldn’t take the fumes. I was already having trouble breathing deeply since my back muscles were so locked, I didn’t think it’d be such a great idea to get them open and then breathe fumes deeply instead. Plus, I could already feel my chemical sensitivities kick in and I was getting a histamine reaction. Bodies are such a pain sometimes. The massage people apologized up and down and promised me a discount on the next massage.

So, no massage on Friday. Instead, I got a quick nap, and then Hermes and I went out with our friends for appetizers and wine and had a great time. (I highly recommend the Village Cork Wine Bistro in Denver if you ever get the chance.) And then we went over to the Tattoo Convention to ogle and appreciate, but the turn out was low and the show was a dud, and I was already running on two nights of compromised sleep and starting to feel nauseous from being so tired. So, we called it a night.

I wasn’t taking any chances on sleep Friday. I couldn’t handle another night awake. So, I took a half a sleeping pill. I only woke up to stretch once, but my mind didn’t get busy, so I went back to sleep pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I felt kinda toxic and drugged all day Saturday. (Unisom does that to me. It’s the price of a guaranteed night’s sleep.) And my back was STILL bugging me. So, I went to a 2 hour restorative yoga class and got a little chair massage afterwards. And–hallelujah–my back was all loose and open and it was heaven … for about 2 hours. Then it started to tighten back up again.

By dinner time, I was so frustrated that I was in tears. Thank God Hermes is so patient and caring. I don’t understand why my back has gotten to be SUCH a problem lately. I really don’t. I know I’m doing some new body work and there is always a period of deconstruction and chaos before a new (hopefully healthier) pattern can take hold. But this is still a bit scary.

Saturday night, I slept pretty well. I was awake for a while around 4 AM, but I didn’t worry about it and that makes a big difference in my mood. Sunday ended up being a weird day of disconnects. Lots of driving from restaurant to restaurant because nothing was open for brunch. Weird. Finally found that the one sandwich deli I dislike was open and I settled for a simple grilled cheese (which they managed to screw up anyway). Then I drove down to Denver for a talk I was looking forward to, but no one was there. Seems it was cancelled but hard to tell since there were no signs or anything. It was annoying.

Hermes, , and I took in “V for Vendetta” on Sunday night, which was FABULOUS. Top drawer, as they would say across the pond. There were great tie-ins with Bush/recent events and it showed thoughtful character development. Overall, poignant and powerful.

Sunday night, I was awake most of the night trying to get comfortable. Then I had to haul my ass out of bed early for a meeting that, in the end, was cancelled due to lack of attendance. Truly irritating. The people who didn’t show were the people my team was supposed to be presenting to. And the VP had the nerve to ask us to take care of rescheduling and getting everybody there when it was his people that didn’t show and we were all there and had already put in a lot of time preparing for the occasion.

Oh, yeah. And I have another cold and have been sniffling, sneezing, and coughing for a week. (I’m pretty sure that I caught it from the phlegmy girl sitting behind us on the plane back from Chicago.)

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