Happy End of Mercury Retrograde

So, Friday, Hermes and I had a 6 PM flight to go visit his folks. We had had some conflict the week before about how early we should leave. He thought we’d be fine getting there at 4:30, which usually we would be. I always like to get there early and then have down time on the other side of security. But he had to teach until 3:45 and it seeeeeeeeemed like it should be enough time.

So, we drive up to the airport around 4:40. Economy parking West was full. Economy parking East was full. The first outlying lot was full. And so we drive to the next one, which is practically on the border of Kansas, and we have to wait in line just to get in. And it hits me that everyone, university and public schools, have all started Spring Break today. Ruh roh.

We get into the airport. We don’t have etickets because we bought ours off of Expedia’s bulk supply. So, we have to stand in line. The line is loooooooooong. People at the end are setting up small shanty towns. It isn’t moving. I can’t even see the front. So, I pull a line control agent aside and bat my eyelashes and explain that our flight leaves in an hour and ask his opinion. He sends us outside to curbside check-in since it’s shorter. (I didn’t know you could get boarding passes there too–I never check bags.) People there let us ahead of them even though I was being a bit of a bitch. The ticket agent sends people in front of us away since they unknowingly had cut the line. We get our boarding passes with 4 minutes to the cut off.

Then, we head to security. I head to the lesser known security entrance over at Concourse A. The line, usually only backed up to way over on the other side of the pedestrian bridge, was backed up and spilling into the main terminal. I ask the friendly airport greeter cowboy his opinion on which line is fastest. He sends me down to the main line. I look down at it from the balcony. It is thee longest security line I have ever seen. There’s no way we are going to make it in time. So, Hermes goes to grab us a place in line, and I go to bat my eyelashes at the TSA agent. I explain our situation and ask him the best way to get preferential treatment. He points out that EVERYONE is running late and is at risk of missing their plane and that the only way thru more quickly is to cut the line and beg for mercy.

I grab Hermes and start looking for a likely break in the line. I get some twisted idea that maybe, even though I’m not flying first class today, they’ll let me into the first class line because I do have “I’m an important hoo-ha” card from an airline that I’m not flying on today. And, amazingly, as we approach, the first class TSA agent takes a group of people from the peon line and gives them service since the first class line is empty. We seamlessly blend in with the group and–zippee skippy–we are in.

I am dumbfounded. We were incredibly lucky. I love it when God winks at me like that. And perhaps the best part: Hermes knew that I was wound around the axle, worrying about missing the plane, and he just let me take charge of the situation–in fact, he encouraged it–even though he is just as strong-willed and leaderly as I am and that had to be really hard for him to just let go the responsibility of being the one to save the day. But he just smiled at me the whole time and told me he loved me and thanked me for getting us through. What a sport!

More later on the weekend …

3 thoughts on “Happy End of Mercury Retrograde

    • Hullo-

      I’m Bob (trkcop) of Clarsa and Bob, and enjoy reading your posts–I’ve friended you and if you don’t mind, would like to be friended bavk. Communication is a big thing w/Clarsa and I, and I’ve seen that you communicate well, and enjoy learning from you.

      Take care


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